How to reach AMKE Safety staff

Recently, we’ve noticed posts made by attendees on various AMKE social media accounts urging each to take care of yourselves over the course of the convention weekend with respect to food, drinking, harassment, and more. It’s really amazing to see you all come together to look out for one another and care for each other’s safety and well being.

AMKE Staff would like to re-emphasize that we are here to support all of you during the convention. No matter how small you may think an incident is, we want to address it and continue to maintain AMKE as a safe space for everyone.

Even if you handled an incident between yourselves, letting us know means we can see if we need to make any adjustments for future years. That being said, any and all incidents related to harassment, assault, medical concerns, or breaking the law should involve AMKE Staff. We hire a well-trained staff to handle these high-level incidents, and we want to make sure anyone involved receives the proper medical, emotional, and physical care.

We know that reporting things to the staff can be daunting and scary, so we offer easy, multiple ways to reach out to us:

– Verbally report to any AMKE staffer you see!
General AMKE staffers will be wearing red t-shirts and Safety staff will be wearing purple shirts. Any staffer will be willing to listen to your concerns and make sure the information gets passed on to the appropriate department.

– Come to the Safety Pen (103B) to talk directly with our Safety staff!
Our space is tucked away from the general convention area and is frequented only by Safety staff. We can easily empty the room, have the staffer you speak with be of a preferred gender, and keep the space quiet. If you need privacy or a safe space to talk, this is a good place to go.

– Visit Customer Service booths and report to the AMKE staffers there.
One booth is located in the Hyatt hotel on the second floor, right as you exit the skywalk. The second is in the Wisconsin Center in the Exhibit Hall, next to Registration.

Email Safety staff.
We monitor this email before and during the convention.

– Message us on Facebook or DM us on Twitter.
You can send us a message on our official FB page or a DM on our Twitter account. Our Communications staff also monitors this inbox before and during the convention. Please know that telling a staffer in person is always the fastest way to reach us.

Thank you for helping keep AMKE safe!