ECPS and AMKE Updates: October 2019

It’s been a time of transition for ECPS and Anime Milwaukee, and we wanted to share some updates with you.

On Corey Wood
Recap: In December 2018, Mr. Wood voluntarily stepped aside as our convention chair. For a brief time over this summer, he served as Facilities Convention Director. 

The Board and now-Convention Chair Timothy Huesmann opted to formally part ways with Mr. Wood earlier last month. For AMKE 2020, he will not be involved with our organization in any capacity.

On the 2018 convention incident
Recap: ECPS and AMKE made the difficult and unprecedented choice to publicly reveal an incident involving convention runner Ryan Kopf at our 2018 event, after a cautious waiting period intended to not unknowingly get in the way of any possible legal action. We spoke to respected media outlet Anime News Network this past spring. You can read their article here.

As we said in our earlier statement, some decisions were made in prior years based on procedures and societal standards we now recognize as outdated. We’ve undergone a number of staffing changes and policy updates starting with AMKE 2019 and beyond, and we’ll continue to list them in future updates like this as AMKE 2020 gets closer.

ECPS Comings and Goings
The following ECPS board members departed at the end of June 2019, with our thanks for the service: Rosa Halcomb, Reina Hamasaki, Tim MacKenzie, Corey Wood.

The current ECPS Board of Directors are: Chairman Jesse Kuda, Erin Garceau, Ashley Wagner, Vic Walter, Kristen Loth

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