The Masquerade is Anime Milwaukee’s annual cosplay competition where beginners through advanced cosplayers pit their ultimate creations against each other. It is our largest competition and event by far for the entire weekend, and this year will be no exception! Our goal is to provide a quality showcase where contestants can show off their skills in cosplays that they have work very hard (in some cases tirelessly) throughout the year to display what they have done on stage to their fellow convention goers. This is also the stage for some competitors to entertain the masses in skits that they have prepared along with their costumes.

We also provide a special Hallway Masquerade Contest, aside for the main event. Here, cosplayers who did not want to sign up for the Masquerade can still show of their work and be judged with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners being chosen for both the Friday and Saturday of the convention that will be presented during the Masquerade’s Half-time show.

2017 Masquerade Registration & Rules