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Exhibitor space hours for both vendors and artists are as follows:

Friday – 1pm-7pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – 10am-3pm

*Hours may be subject to change*

Artists’ Alley

The talent found in our Artists’ Alley never disappoints. Be it the skillful, diverse artwork on display or the creation of new friends and network opportunities, there is always something good to be had by browsing Artists’ Alley.  You may even find yourself back there multiple times.

Looking for the 2020 Artists’ Alley Map?

AMKE 2020 Artists’ Alley Information

? Applications for Anime Milwaukee 2020’s Artists’ Alley will open June 15th-July 1st, 2019. ?

Anime Milwaukee’s 2020 Artists’ Alley is 90% juried and 10% lottery. This is to try and encourage new artists that may just be starting out in AA. We will jury all entries first, and then do a lottery on those that are not selected as part of the jury process. This will of course be kept confidential.

We are fanart friendly! You can still 100% have fanart in the Artists’ Alley, although we encourage artists to have original art too. See the Artists FAQ below for more details.

*NEW* for 2020: Premium tables have been added to our Artists’ Alley. Premium would get prime placement in the artist alley, two tables and two badges. There will be about 10 spots available. Judging criteria will be the same as regular artist alley tables but with more emphasis on booth set-up. Please note, no applicant without booth set-up photos will be accepted to Premium.

Shared tables are allowed, but both artists must be included on the application, and please include links to both galleries. Unfortunately shared tables are not allowed in the premium row.

Standard tables are $150, one badge is included.
Premium tables are $300, two badges are included.
Tables are 6ft x 2ft each.

Please anticipate a response from us Late July/Early August 2019!

Vendors Hall

Dealers' Hall

Anime Milwaukee wouldn’t be what it is without our awesome selection of vendors and we’re always looking for new & exciting companies and products to offer our attendees. We especially welcome those vendors who want to show their love and offer Anime Milwaukee Exclusive items.

Looking for the 2020 Vendors Hall Map?

AMKE 2020 Vendor Information

Questions? Take a gander at this example Exhibit Hall contract for AMKE 2019!

Applications for Anime Milwaukee 2020’s Vendor Hall are OPEN until September 15, 2019 11:59PM CST. Waitlist will be available afterwards. Booth space is limited this year so please apply ASAP!

*NEW* for 2020: Anime Milwaukee has a strong stance against bootlegs or unlicensed merchandise. We will be having a zero-fanart policy for vendors starting this year. Original art will still be completely fine in the vendor’s space. If you’re an artist, please consider our new Premium option in Artists’ Alley that still allows fanart.

Price: $300-550 for a 10’x10′ booth space with x1 6ft x 2ft table, x2 vendor badges for first booth purchased (+1 vendor badge for every booth purchased thereafter), x2 chairs(+2 chairs for every booth purchased thereafter))

Vendors may purchase additional vendor badges for $40 each.

Vendor Space (10’x10′)BadgesPrice
Back Row2300
Middle Area2400
Front Area2500-550

Application Process

  • All vendors are now required to fill out a full application and will be juried before receiving payment instructions.
  • All vendors will be assessed based on policy compliance, product selection, customer service skills, booth presentation and seniority.
  • Vendors for 2020 will be accepted in waves until booth space is completely filled. Applicants should expect to hear back in a few weeks after their application date if they are accepted.
  • We will send out a mass waitlist email once space is filled to all those that were declined.

Questions? Email business@animemilwaukee.org


If you’re an industry representative and you’re interested in having a booth at Anime Milwaukee 2020, please fill out our Industry Inquiry Form.

Guest Tables

Some guests will be selling additional items and may have autograph sessions outside of their Anime Milwaukee autograph timeslot. Prices will vary from guest to guest. Please speak to the guest or guest’s assistant on any questions regarding at-table purchases and check each guest’s social media for their table schedule. We will update this section closer to the convention with a list of guest tables. Guest tables are located at the front of the exhibit hall.

109Alexei Bochenek
111Ciarán Strange
110Dawn Humphrey
108Gabrielle Cooke (Just Goob)
110Jen Brown
111Joel McDonald
101Martha Harms
104Max Mittelman
107Moderately Okay Cosplay
A12Ogawa Burukku
106Ray Chase
105Robbie Daymond
102Samantha Ireland
207The Pillowcases
103Tia Ballard
A11Trevor Mueller
112Zach Aguilar