Winner of Halloween Costume Contest

Anime Milwaukee’s Masquerade Department would like to thank everyone that participated in our first Halloween Costume Contest! We saw some amazing examples of cosplayer’s creativity and ingenuity for one of our favorite holidays with us.

After much deliberation, candy, and even more deliberation, we came down to our two favorites in the department. Many hours and debating later and reconvening multiple times to debate who would win, we had to call in a craftsmanship judge to break our tied vote.

It is with enthusiastic applause that we congratulate Evan Jacob Braun of Dark Pact Cosplay with his winning costume The Witch King of Angmar!

Dark Pact Cosplay as The Witch King of Angmar Dark Pact Cosplay as The Witch King of Angmar

Again, we would like to thank everyone who participated and hope to see even more costumes next year. To those that didn’t win our Halloween Costume Contest, we hope that you will sign up for the Masquerade to showcase your amazing talents. We are so excited to have even harder decisions at this year’s Masquerade and look forward to seeing everyone there.


Department Head of Masquerade
Anime Milwaukee 2019