Wanted: Programming Division Director

Join our team! This is an executive-level volunteer position with year-round tasks.

AMKE’s Programming Division Director:

Appoints, recruits and oversees department heads and coordinators for programming-related planning and events.

Oversees, and participates in, scheduling and planning of panels, main programming, video programming, tabletop gaming, and video gaming departments from a high level.

Acts as a mentor for department heads and fosters a healthy culture within the division of collaboration and ownership.

Establishes short and long-term goals for the overall health of the division and the convention.

Receives regular reporting from various department heads and coordinators and regularly reports to convention chairs. Expected to be available for regular meetings whether attended remotely or in person during pre-convention planning.

Communicates and works alongside fellow convention leadership for the coordination of various aspects of convention planning and decision-making with other officers of Anime Milwaukee.

Stays in regular contact with the chair and vice chairs throughout the year.

AMKE offers free hotel crash space, a full weekend membership, meals, post-con party and staff t-shirts for staff who help us make the show great! We also provide customer service and department specific training, and fun team gatherings and meetings throughout the year. Executive-Level benefits include travel to required meetings, solo beds at provided accommodations, and more.

Ready to volunteer? Apply now! While filling out the staffing application, select “specific position” and type in “Programming Division Director”.

EDIT 8/8/19: Programming Division Director has been picked! Thank you to all the applicants!