ECPS Welcomes Joseph Dinh

Hello everyone!

Entertainment and Culture Promotion Society (ECPS) is pleased to welcome Mr. Joseph Dinh to the Board of Directors. Joseph was sworn in to the Board at the October meeting and has been a welcome addition to the board. As Joseph is new to the organization, we asked him to write a little bit about his convention experience as an introduction to everyone. Please see below for his story: 

My journey began in 1983, when I was at my local comic book shop. I was talking to friends who introduced me to Creations Entertainment, a sci-fi convention with strong emphasis on Star Trek. After seeing their dealer room, I started my own online store. I ran OutpostX for a little under seven years. Then in 1992, a friend asked me to run his comic book store. We sold a ton of Magic: The Gathering and I was asked to be the head judge and coordinator of the Magic tournament at I-CON in 1993. Also in 1993, I attended Anime East because the comic book store started to carry anime and anime model kits. Then in 1997, we closed the store because it was less overhead to sell collectibles on the internet. Afterwards, I met Darryl Brooks and joined the We Rise Magazine crew going to conventions until they disbanded in 2019. Because of my love for pop culture, I continue to go to conventions to this day.

We’re very excited to begin work with Joseph, and he has already started to bring some wonderful ideas to the table. We hope everyone will give him as warm of a welcome to the Board as you did for the rest of us in May!


Kat Berger
Board Chairperson
Entertainment and Culture Promotion Society