ECPS Board Member Opening

Hello everyone!

Due to a recent board member resignation Entertainment and Culture Promotion Society (ECPS) will be accepting applications from the general public in order to fill the currently vacant position. 

The mission of ECPS is to promote cross-cultural learning and community understanding through entertainment and media. Part of that mission includes showcasing cultural programming and content, special guests, representatives from the community, etc., to improve understanding and goodwill. ECPS accomplishes this mission through programs, outreach and, most notably, events. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing ECPS’ operation and affairs and providing oversight. A board member is responsible for providing counsel and high-level direction for the organization. A board member provides vision for the organization and oversees current operations and future planning, including, but not limited to, sponsoring new event and outreach ideas, overseeing budget and funding, and maintaining our business plan. Above all, a board member is to ensure the continued success of the organization and its affairs. 

The new board member will fill the spot of the outgoing board member’s election spot for the remainder of the original board member’s term, which ends in March, 2021. The new board member will then be able to run for re-election at that time and extend their term for another two years.

To apply, please review the information below and submit a resume (professional and convention) with a letter of intent describing why you would like to apply for this position and your vision of ECPS for the future to

Deadline for applications is 11:59PM on October 9th, 2020. Interviews will take place the following two weeks, and the new board member will be sworn in at the October 30th, 2020 meeting.

Kat Berger
Board Chairperson, President
Entertainment and Culture Promotion Society

Important Dates
  • Deadline for submission: 11:59PM on October 9th, 2020
  • Interviews: happening over 2 weeks after deadline
  • Results: October 30th, 2020


  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Experience working with nonprofit organizations or volunteer groups
  • Ability to commit 1-3 hours a week for board business (possibly more during some weeks depending on workload)
  • Ability to attend the twelve (12) required monthly meetings (online)
  • Ability to maintain a non-biased position on board decisions.


  • History with ECPS event(s)
  • Local to the Milwaukee area
  • Knowledge and understanding of Discord as a communication platform


  • Currently suspended, banned, or not in good standing with ECPS events
  • Current event managers (Convention Chair, Convention Vice Chair)