Apply now to join the ECPS BoD + departing members

A special election for the Board of Directors will be held Thursday, July 25th, at 7:00 PM CST on the AMKE UberConference. Currently, three seats on the Board of Directors are open for application.

The current ECPS Board of Directors are:

  • – Jesse Kuda
  • – Erin Garceau
  • – Ashley Wagner
  • – Vic Walter
  • – You?

The following ECPS board members will be departing on or before July 26, with our thanks for the service.

  • – Rosa Halcomb
  • – Reina Hamasaki
  • – Tim MacKenzie
  • – Corey Wood

The Entertainment and Culture Promotional Society (ECPS) is responsible for overseeing local cultural events in the Milwaukee area. The mission of ECPS is to promote cross-cultural learning and community understanding through entertainment and media. ECPS accomplishes this through programs, outreach and, most notably, events. ECPS’ flagship event, Anime Milwaukee, conducts a number of educational panels to broaden attendees’ understanding of Japanese culture.

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing ECPS’ operation and affairs. A board member is responsible for providing counsel and high-level direction for the organization. A board member provides vision for the organization and oversees current operations and future planning, including, but not limited to, sponsoring new event and outreach ideas, overseeing budget and funding, and maintaining our business plan. Above all, a board member is to ensure the continued success of the organization and its affairs. 

A member of the ECPS board will serve a term of up to two (2) years upon election. The election will be conducted by the current members of the ECPS board. Candidates should have worked on an ECPS-related project no less than one (1) year and be in good standing with the organization. Ideal candidates will have leadership and decision-making experience, and the ability to devote a minimum of 5-10 hours a week to the affairs of the ECPS organization specifically, including recurring meetings and participation in committee work. Some flexibility in scheduling is preferred.

To qualify for a position on the board, a candidate must provide in writing (physical or electronic) their intent to run for the position no later than Wednesday, July 24. This includes a cover letter and resume. 

Candidates may submit their intent to run for the board directly to via electronic exchange or in-person to any BOD member. Candidates should prepare a short presentation (5 – 10 minutes either remotely via dial-in or in-person) discussing their qualifications and vision for the organization over the course of their tenure, to be given the night of the election. Any questions regarding the election procedure, application for the board, or responsibilities of the board should be directed to