Anime Milwaukee Welcomes TripGaia


Tripgaia are a DJ duo from Illinois with a long history in music. Formed officially in 2013, Jake and Lee had been playing events years before and made a name for themselves with their unique taste for interesting club music. Shortly after taking up the Tripgaia name they helmed a radio show till 2015 that broke new music and introduced many to the sounds of up and coming producers. Artists such as Rage logic, Prince Fox, Syrup and Choppa Dunks all made their radio debut on this show hosted by the duo.

During this time they launched a local music label for electronic artists that saw releases from a variety of producers including friend John Lopez and Travis Richter of From First To Last fame and was featured on Mad Decent’s blog for note worthy releases that week. Since then they have been playing shows and supporting artists while building their new music focused show Slohenshin, launching in 2019.