Anime Milwaukee Welcomes DJ Kagamine, DJ Scottaconda, DJ OPM, Liquid86


Let’s welcome back DJ Kagamine, DJ Scottaconda, DJ OPM, Liquid86 to Anime Milwaukee 2019! See them perform at the rave on Saturday night.

DJ Kagamine
Cosplayer by day, DJ by night. DJ Kagamine has focused his career being a DJ and a convention goer at the same time. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, lifelong musical enthusiast, is proud to be providing some serious beats for wherever he is playing. Performing at Ramencon, Anime Central, Otakon Vegas and more, prepare for the entrancing and sometimes chilling feels as he provides tracks, ranging from various genres including House, Hardcore, and everything in between. Both inspired and inspiring, he personally hopes to see all of you on your feet as he drops the beat until the night ends, and leave you frothing for more!
DJ Scottaconda
Scottaconda is a b-boy from Chicago gone DJ representing the Midwest in the elements of House and Hip-Hop. Being proud of taking into consideration how the crowd feels, his performances have never been anything less than absolutely amazing. At Anime Expo 2015, he had a double encore in which he was, with no doubt, the hype of the night. He coordinates the Soap Bubble for Anime Central, and has also performed at Anime Expo, Otakon Vegas, and much, much more. He has an infectious energy that he spreads through his love of music, and it shows on the faces of the people who are lucky enough to see him perform!
DJ OpM is a veteran on the DJ scene. When he is not producing or distributing for his record label, Halsted Street Entertainment, he is either teaching the craft to up-and- coming DJs, writing new music of his own, or spinning at a club or convention somewhere in the Midwest. He has played to thousands of fans at venues in Chicago such as the Elbo Room and SubTerranean, and has most famously headlined for the Soap Bubble at Anime Central. No matter what genre he feels for his set, he is able to find the pulse of the crowd and keep you moving all night long.

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Twitter: @djopm
Instagram: therealdeejayopm

Jason “Liquid86” has been spinning for over 15 years, jumping on his first set of turntables in his sophomore year of high school. A die-hard fan of raving and EDM for as long as he can remember, in 2007 he attended his first anime convention and set his sights on a new rave scene, fueled by otaku and geeks all over the country. Now, a decade later, Liquid has performed more shows than he can count for geeks all over the country. A master of Big Room and Electro House, Liquid is sure to get your hands in the air and make you sweat.