AUTOGRAPH LIMIT: One (1) personal item per badge per guest. The guests are here to see everyone and want to get to as many people as possible in each session. Please have your items out and ready to be signed before you reach the guest.

GENERAL POLICY: You are not guaranteed an autograph. Autographs are first-come, first-served within the time limit. Anyone past the allotted admittance may stand in line, but may not get through. Time allowing, staff will do their best to fit in as many people as possible.

VIDEO/AUDIO RECORDING: Video and audio requests are handled on a guest-by-guest basis.

NO VIP & VIP+ LINES: Special programming has been scheduled for VIP & VIP+ badge holders outside of general autograph sessions. Please refer to the information provided with your VIP/VIP+ badge. AMKE staff will also be able to help any VIP/VIP+ attendees with any questions regarding the special programming during convention hours. VIP & VIP+ will not be given special admittance to any general autograph session during the convention weekend to ensure that as many people are allowed into the autograph lines as possible. Everyone deserves equal face time.

BE COURTEOUS: We all know that standing in line is not the most enjoyable thing to do.

Please be patient, AMKE staff will do their very best to get as many people through the lines within the allotted session time. We ask that you be courteous and understanding to everyone around you, whether they be fellow attendees, staff or our esteemed guests. Autograph policies may be adjusted to help the line flow as deemed necessary. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to ask staff.

MERCHANDISE/GUEST TABLES: Some guests will be selling additional items during their sessions. Prices will vary from guest to guest. Please see the guest’s assistant for any questions regarding purchases. Items purchased at the signing table DO NOT count towards AMKE’s personal item limit. Some of our guests will also have tables in the vendors’ hall.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests are free to charge for their items at their own discretion. AMKE is not responsible for setting vendor hall prices. Please speak to the guest or guest’s assistant on any questions regarding at-table purchases.

SPECIAL POLICIES: Some guests may have specific autograph policies. Any specific policies will be made available to attendees as early as possible. The Autographs team will also inform attendees of any changes should they occur while in session.

BANNED ITEMS: Ahegao and pornographic items are not allowed to be autographed.

If you have any questions, please contact

Check out each Guest’s page to see if they have a table in the exhibit hall!