Hi everyone! Please look at the FAQ before sending a message to Anime Milwaukee.

What are the convention hours?
All of the hours are listed below.

AMKE2019 Convention Hours

Registration / badge pickup questions
What are the Registration hours? When can I pick up my badge?
Registration is located on the 3rd floor of the Wisconsin Center.


What do I need to pick up my badge?
Please bring a photo ID or a copy of your email receipt.
Can I pick up a badge for a friend or family member?
Yes, we allow that. You will need to bring a copy of the person’s email receipt to show to registration.
I forgot my badge at home or lost it?
You can get a replacement badge at Registration for half price ($30). Just show a copy of your email receipt or photo ID and explain your situation to Registration staff.
Can I buy a weekend / 1-day badge at the con?
Yes, you can buy an Anime Milwaukee badge starting Thursday night during our Registration hours.
How long does a 1-day badge last?
Per AMKE policy, one-day passes expire at midnight. If you have a one-day pass and are already at an event in progress, (such as Club AMKE) you are welcome to stay and enjoy it in full.
Can I pick up Friday/Saturday badges on Thursday? Can I pick up a 1-day badge early?
Yes, you can pick up or buy 1-day badges anytime during Registration hours. Please note that the badge is valid only on the day that it is assigned.
Can we pick up the lanyard and other items if we already received a badge in the mail?
Yes, there will be an area in Registration where you can pick up your lanyard and other things that typically come with your badge.
Do you have passes available just for the exhibit hall?
No, we do not. In order to access Anime Milwaukee events and rooms, you must have an Anime Milwaukee badge. We suggest buying a Sunday one-day pass as the most affordable option.
What can I use to buy a badge?
We take cash or credit card. Sorry, we do not accept checks.
What's the refund policy?
Once a badge has been purchased it is non refundable. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this policy.
Can I sell my badge to someone else?

While we do not like the idea of selling badges, we are fully aware that certain circumstances are out of our control and life events happen which make it so that you or someone in your group cannot attend.

The reselling of badges is allowed only if the badge does not exceed the maximum registration amount (a door price) for any ticket. Please do not scalp tickets for higher than they are worth. We want to make this policy so that we can better help our attendees and by doing that, we need everyone to be fair and understanding.

ECPS and Anime Milwaukee take no responsibility for badges that are unfairly sold or not delivered. So if you buy a badge, make sure it is someone you can trust. We recommend paying with Paypal (goods & services) for a safe transaction.

Eventbrite sent an email about tickets? What if I have my badge already?
If you have your Anime Milwaukee weekend badge already, you are fine and can disregard the email. Please stop by Registration on the 3rd floor of the Wisconsin Center to pick up your lanyard, program booklet, and a registration goodie bag. If you still need to pick up your AMKE badge, please bring a photo ID or copy of your email receipt in order to get your AMKE badge. You will need a badge to access all Anime Milwaukee events and rooms.
Do you have a coat check and where is it located?
Coat check is located in 101A in the Wisconsin Center. It costs $5 up to 4 hours, $10 all day, $25 all weekend (weekend has in/out privileges). It is free if you have a VIP, VIP+ or photographer badge.
Do I have to buy an ACME pass to attend the concert? Is it free?
ACME concert is free for anyone with an Anime Milwaukee badge. More details & ACME schedule:
ACME in concert - Friday 8PM, Doors open 7:45PM
Are there video game tournaments?
We have a new video gaming dept head this year, so we will not be holding tournaments. Thanks for bearing with her as she gets to know the department and makes sure things run smoothly! Go by and say hello to her, and feel free to put in your requests for next year.
Where's the schedule?
Schedule is here
What is this Unlocked thing?
Unlocked is an Anime and Pop Culture livestream app (iOS, Android). Most English anime voice actors are on the service – it’s comparable to a scheduled Instagram live. They will be hosting several panels throughout the convention with voice actor guests streaming in such as Chris Sabat for Unlocked: DBZ panel.
If you aren’t able to attend #AMKE2019 in person, you can buy a $5 ALL ACCESS PASS here!
Does Anime Milwaukee have a cosplay contest? Is the Masquerade a dance?
Yes, we have a cosplay contest and it is called the Masquerade. It’s Saturday, Feb 16 @ 5:30PM-8PM.
If you’re looking for a masked formal dance, we have a masked Charity Ball on Friday, Feb 15 @ 8PM-midnight.
Are backpacks allowed?
Yes, backpacks are allowed. If you would like to store it in a secure place, we recommend using Anime Milwaukee’s coat check.
I have some Autographs-related question?
Please refer to our 2019 Autographs policy and if you have more questions, feel free to ask in the Facebook group or message us on Facebook. Full 2019 Autographs Schedule below (subject to change) or live schedule.

Day & Time Guests
FRI 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Adam Croasdell, DC Douglas, Josh Grelle, Lauren Landa, Ian Sinclair, J. Michael Tatum
FRI 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM Jerry Jewell, Majira, Joel McDonald, Moderately Okay Cosplay, Reika, Micah Solusod, David Vincent
SAT 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM DC Douglas, Jerry Jewell, Joel McDonald, Moderately Okay Cosplay, Reika, Micah Solusod
SAT 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM Adam Croasdell, Josh Grelle, Lauren Landa, Majira, Ian Sinclair, J. Michael Tatum, David Vincent
SUN 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM Adam Croasdell, DC Douglas, Lauren Landa, Joel McDonald, J. Michael Tatum, David Vincent
SUN 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Josh Grelle, Jerry Jewell, Majira, Ian Sinclair, Micah Solusod
Where are the elevators in the Wisconsin Center?
There are 2 elevators – one right next to the coffee place on the 1st floor on 4th & Wisconsin (main entrance) and another near the 5th & Wisconsin entrance. See the map below of the 1st floor for reference.
Please use the elevators if you have a stroller or any other disabilities or accessibility issues that restricts you from using the escalators easily.
AMKE2019 Wisconsin Center 1st Floor map
Is there a quiet place to calm down?
Please feel free to stop by our Safety office in 103B in the Wisconsin Center. More Safety tips here
Help! I need a small cosplay repair?
We have a Cosplay Medic stationed in Customer Service on the 3rd floor of the Wisconsin Center (located by Registration) at most times or we have a small cosplay repair kit in the Masquerade office in 101CD in the Wisconsin Center.
Are there any changing rooms at Anime Milwaukee?
No, we do not offer special changing rooms. We suggest either arriving in your cosplay, changing in your hotel room, or using the restrooms to change into your cosplay.
I have a VIP/VIP+ related question
Please see the VIP FAQ here
I have a Club AMKE / Nocturnal Underground / rave related question
Please see the Dances FAQ here
I have an Artist Alley / Exhibit/Vendors Hall related question
Everyone from Artist Alley and Exhibit Hall are listed here.

Most vendors and artists accept credit cards – please still bring a small amount of cash as backup in case anyone is cash only. We have several ATMs in the Wisconsin Center and Hyatt.

I have an Maid Cafe related question
La Parfait Maid Cafe is located on the top floor of the Hyatt in the Vue Ballroom.

Hours: Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-3pm

In order to attend the maid cafe, you must have a valid Anime Milwaukee 2019 badge and a ticket. You can buy a ticket ahead of time here or stop by their booth in the Hyatt to book a time slot.

Pricing: $10 ticket/person for 1 hour session with add-on extras or you can buy a set for $13.50 or $20 respectively. More details below

La Parfait Maid Cafe - Pricing 2019
I witnessed/experienced something bad and want to report it?
Flag down one of our AMKE Safety staff in purple shirts or follow the instructions listed here. We will reply as soon as possible.
Where is the Lost & Found?
Any lost items are located at the ConOps Office.
I have a question, what's the fastest way to get an answer?
You can ask Customer Service (located right outside the Exhibit Hall next to Registration in the Wisconsin Center or next to the Skywalk entrance in the Hyatt) or ask in the Facebook group or event page. Common questions will get directed to this webpage. It will take longer for a response on Twitter or Instagram.