AMKE 2019: Fantastic Fanfiction Contest Accepting Submissions

AMKE 2019: Fantastic Fanfiction Contest

It’s Revenge of the Prose at AMKE. The 2nd Anime Milwaukee Fantastic Fanfiction Contest is calling all writers to show your creativity through your fandoms, and your original works. From now until February 13th, we will be accepting fanfiction submissions of many types. Anime Milwaukee always encourage our attendees to be creative, and we have multiple categories in this contest where they can do just that. Also, we will be giving out multiple prizes for these main categories and will be announced at the Manga Library during the con. Happy writing!

Main Categories

– Best Genre fic – applies to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Mystery, etc.
– Best Comedy fic – the goal is laughter
– Best Ship (Romance) fic – for the characters in relationships
– Best Drama fic – applies to Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense, etc.
– Best in Troll – Obvious troll fic is obvious
– Worst in Show – the WORST of the WORST

Our staff has a list of hidden sub-categories as well. If we find a fic that wins one of those, it will be recognized.

Submission Rules

1. All submissions must be sent via email to

2. When submitting, please put “2018 Fantastic Fanfiction contest” in the subject line.

3. Please try to keep your submissions PG-13. We understand this may not always be possible, but as this convention is family-friendly, we strongly encourage the same for this contest. Which leads us to….

4. NO LEMONS or ADULT FICTION. We won’t accept any submissions that are 18+ and/or contain graphic sexual content.

5. In your submission email, let us know which category you want your fic to be nominated for. Your fic can be nominated for more than one category, but please let us know if you want that to be the case. However…..

6. Only one category can be won by a particular fanfic.

7. Please submit your fanfic to us in an attached file (.doc, .docx files are preferred) with your submission.

8. Make sure your fanfiction’s title is listed in your submission as well as in your attached file.

9. Please make sure the fic is in legible English. (No weird spacing, Wingding fonts, etc.)

10. IMPORTANT: Only NEWLY WRITTEN works will be accepted for this contest. If it’s been posted on other writing websites in the past (Ao3,, wattpad, etc.) then it’s not eligible.

11. To be eligible for a prize, potential winners must be present and in-person at the Fantastic Fanfiction Contest Winners panel.

12. Above all else, BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!