Trevor Mueller

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Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller works in advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. His latest project is the multi-Harvey Award nominated ALBERT THE ALIEN. He has contributed stories to several anthologies, including READING WITH PICTURES (Andrews McMeel), KILLER QUEEN and WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS (Red Stylo Media), BEST OF OMEGA COMICS PRESENTS (Pop! Goes the Icon), and AW YEAH COMICS. He has also self-published several other works including MAGICAL NATALIE, BEYOND THE PILLARS, THE WITCHES OF E WICK BLVD, and @$$HOLE!. 

He is the writer / artist / creator of several award-winning webcomic series (, and regularly reviews movies, video games, and comics.

Trevor also appears on occasional episodes of the popular web series NOSTALGIA CRITIC.

Trevor currently lives in Chicago with his family; his cat, Waffles, might be planning for world domination.

Find Trevor Mueller in the Exhibit Hall at A11! Hours will vary per guest; see table for times when Trevor Mueller is at his table.

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