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A juiced-up all-mix DJ duo, W.T. Snacks and DJ HYPE☆GIRL (aka Beck Attack) spin a variety of fresh jams as SNACK ATTACK!

Dropping a unique smorgasbord of cute bangers together since 2016, HYPE☆GIRL brings the kawaii, while Snacks brings the yabai, and combined they’ve sandwiched all genres in between.

With previous club appearances in Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlantic City and even as far as Kobe, Japan, along with convention appearances at Colossalcon, MAGFest, Anime Central, Anime Expo, San Japan, and Sakura-Con, they’ve got a little something for any crowd to munch on.

You’ll definitely be hungry for more after SNACK ATTACK eats up the dancefloor!

Find W.T. Snacks on Twitter @MidnightSnacks and Soundcloud @wt-snacks

Find DJ HYPE☆GIRL on Twitter @becksux, Instagram @beckkattack, and Soundcloud @djhypegirl