Alexei Bochenek

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Alexei Bochenek

Alexei Bochenek is a creative director for games and animation, based out of Los Angeles, CA. Since his early days as a writer for Nerdist, he managed to turn his passion for pop-culture into a career, first working at Disney and now with creative studio Psyop. As a writer & director, Alexei has created two visual novels. The first, Camp W, was an independently published “friending simulator” set at a summer camp with magical secrets.

The second, I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator, in which players attend cooking school alongside the Colonel himself, was a direct collaboration with KFC that caught fire among fans of anime and indie gaming alike. As a lifelong anime fan, Alexei is proud and delighted to have been part of a cultural moment that furthered the mainstreaming of anime culture in the West, in the weirdest way possible.

Find Alexei Bochenek in the Exhibit Hall at 109! Hours will vary per guest; see booth/table for times when Alexei Bochenek is at their booth.

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