Cristina Vee cancellation

We are extremely sorry to announce that Cristina Vee is unable to attend this year due to an unexpected and unavoidable conflict. She sends you her love and deepest apologies. We love her dearly as well and are already working to bring her next year. We hope fans know that canceling on a convention is

On Public Safety

Like everyone else, we’re seeing what happened in Florida and sending our thoughts to all affected. We are getting questions on if those tragic events will alter any rules for this weekend. At this time, we have no plans to change our existing cosplay rules this year.   Due to heightened security, we will be

Autograph Rules for AMKE 2018

AUTOGRAPH LIMIT: One (1) personal item per person. The guests are here to see everyone and want to get to as many people as possible in each session. Please have your items out and ready to be signed before you reach the guest. GENERAL POLICY: You are not guaranteed an autograph. Attendees may receive a

CMP Laser Tag at AMKE 2018!

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag is a new evolution of laser tag featuring high tech realistic simulated metal weapons and objective based gameplay located in Milwaukee. Defuse bombs, capture zones, plan bank heists, and assassinate enemy generals all while armed with the most precise, most responsive metal equipment in the industry. They’ve ripped the experience straight

Anime Milwaukee Welcomes Back Bubble Pop Burlesque

  Anime Milwaukee is thrilled to welcome back the Bubble Pop Burlesque team for another year of great performances and panels!  Here’s their entire schedule if you want to plan to meet the ladies and gents on the team! Cosplay is not Consent:  1PM-2PM Room 101AB, Friday Main Event Performance (18+):  9PM Main Events, Friday Burly

Anime Milwaukee Lucky Bags from Bluefin!

Anime Milwaukee is excited to unveil something truly special! We’ve been working very closely with Bluefin to put together some incredibly cool “lucky bags”, just for you! Click Here Then Click “Tickets”  To Grab One! What comes in the lucky bags? Well, we’re offering three different versions, each with their own theme! One of these bags will


Anime Milwaukee Welcomes DJ OPM

DJ OpM  is a veteran on the DJ scene. When he is not producing or distributing for his record label, Halsted Street Entertainment, he is either teaching the craft to up-and- coming DJs, writing new music of his own, or spinning at a club or convention somewhere in the Midwest. He has played to thousands

La Parfait Maid Cafe

Anime Milwaukee 2018 Welcomes La Parfait Maid Cafe!

Anime Milwaukee is excited to Welcome La Parfait Maid Cafe  to Anime Milwaukee 2018!   La Parfait is based in central Indiana, and this year we’re thrilled to announce that they will come to Milwaukee to provide Maid and Butler events Friday through Sunday at the show!   The Maid Cafe at con will be in the

Anime Milwaukee Welcomes Moderately Okay Cosplay!

     Moderately Okay Cosplay (John Cerabino) is a cosplayer based out of Orlando, Florida. He makes cosplay from anime, video games, comic books, and more. If you can nerd out over it, he’s probably made something from it! John began cosplaying in 2012 because he wanted to be a character from League of Legends, but

Anime Milwaukee Welcomes Leon Chiro!

   Leon Chiro is a professional cosplayer from Italy.  He’s an official cosplayer for numerous video game companies including Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed \ Watch Dogs), Square Enix (Gladiolus – Final Fantasy XV), Capcom (honorary mention for his Dante) and many more.  He is currently working for Riot Games as official Cos-Model for the champion Rakan from