Join the AMKE Staff!

Did you know that AMKE’s red-shirted staff is made up completely of dedicated volunteers? From con chair to badge checker and everything in between, we are a 100% volunteer organization. Whether you have skills in a field or just want to see what goes on under the hood, we’re always looking for new people to join the team!

Staff Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old by February 2021
  • Must be able to staff for time blocks throughout the convention (20-24 hours)
  • Must be able to attend at least one staff meeting in person or by web
  • Must read and respond to emails
  • Must adhere to Anime Milwaukee Staff Code of Conduct at all times

What are the perks?

AMKE provides hotel crash space, weekend membership, meals and staff t-shirts for our staff who sign on to help us make the show great! We also provide customer service and department specific training, and team gatherings & meetings throughout the year.

We’re currently looking for more help in several areas including Registration, safety, autographs, panel and video programming. Regular staff applications are open until January 31, 2021. Fill out the app at the button below if you’d like to staff at Anime Milwaukee this year!

2021 Applications TBA

If you applied and have not heard back from Anime Milwaukee within 2-3 weeks, please send us a message on Facebook and we will check the status of your application.

Departments Seeking Staff


Departments that support attendee events going on during the weekend.

  • Programming: N/A
  • Main Programming: Stage Crew
  • Panel Programming: Staff
  • Masquerade: Staff
  • Rave: N/A
  • Childrens’ Programming: Staff
  • Video Game Programming: Staff
  • Video Programming: Staff
  • Table Top Programming: Staff
Guest Relations

The folks who take care of our Guests of Honor.

  • Guest Assistants: N/A
  • Guest Logistics (drivers): Staff
  • Autographs: N/A

Press, Social Media, Customer Service desk, Marketing, Web and print media.

  • Design & Production: Staff
  • Customer Service: Staff
  • Press: Staff
  • Public Relations: Staff

Behind the scenes folks who do everything from line control to coat check.

  • Coat Check: Staff
  • Medical Incident Response (MIR): First responders; Staff
  • Safety: Staff
  • IT: Staff
  • Volunteers: N/A
  • ConOps: Staff

Departments that do registration, merch booth, and similar projects

  • Registration: Staff
  • Exhibit Hall: Staff
  • Merchandise: Staff

Open Position Descriptions

Assistant Director of Facilities
Position: Assistant Director of Facilities
To Be Filled: ASAP
Directly reports to: Director of Facilities
  • 2+ years working in a convention type setting
  • Ability to dedicate 1-3 hours a week to facilities related work per week, pre-con
  • Be able to attend in-person meetings throughout the year with convention center and hotel staff
  • Be able to consistently attend monthly officer meetings as well as monthly staff meetings
  • Working knowledge of G-Suite products (Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs)
  • 1+ year of facilities related knowledge (hotel management, contract negotiation, convention center operations)
  • 1+ year of department head or higher related experience in a convention setting
If you’re interested, please send an email with a resume and letter of intent to facilities@animemilwaukee.org and copy chiefofstaff@animemilwaukee.org so we can review your information.

For department head level position and above, please use the 2021 Management Application linked below in order for your application to be processed by our Chief of Staff. Management Applications close TBA Central Time (CT).


Ever want to be a part of the behind-the-scenes of Anime Milwaukee, but don’t have time to come to training or meetings? You can still help! At-con, go to Volunteers Office in Wisconsin Center 103A (1st floor) to sign up as an at-con volunteer and we’ll find something fun for you to do to help out at the show! If you need volunteer hours for a school or group activity, we can definitely find something fun for you to do and learn during the show! You can also fill out the volunteer form below if you would like to sign up early.

Volunteers will be notified on February 5, 2021 with more details about volunteering.


  • Age 16+ 
  • Have a purchased attendee badge 
  • Be in good standing with the convention/Volunteering Department

What are the perks?

We offer 50% and full badge refunds depending on how many hours you contribute to our convention (up to 12 hours). All first-time volunteers are required to pay for their membership badge, but will be refunded on Sunday if their goal hours are met. Returning volunteers receive a complimentary full weekend badge, but are expected to reach the 12-hour requirement.

Volunteers also get access to our Volunteer lounge for snacks and drinks.

Completed Hours Tiers 

Tiers Hours Whom Rewards
1 4 Clubs & Schools Free Day Badge
2 6 Paid Attendees 1/2 Badge Refund
3 12 Paid Attendees Full Badge Refund and T-shirt

Volunteers duties generally include:

  • Checking badges at event room doors 
  • Managing line control for large events with convention staff also there to direct you 
  • Move convention supplies, a trolley will be supplied if they are heavy 
  • Minimum 2 hour shifts are preferred


  • Refunds and rewards will only be given upon completion of the tier hours with a signed time card. 
  • If there are complaints regarding work or attitude, the volunteer will be asked to leave the volunteer program.
  • Volunteers can cosplay, but cannot cover their face. Cosplay cannot be overly sexual, or gory due to children. 
  • You can refuse the assigned duties if you feel you are not capable of the task. Ex. Asked to move equipment that is too heavy for you. Something else will be assigned. 
  • Wear your volunteer card on your lanyard while on duty, do not wear it while off duty. 

Apply now!

2021 Application TBA

Questions? Volunteering as a club or group? Email volunteering@animemilwaukee.org.