BoD and Leadership

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The current ECPS Board of Directors are:

  • Jesse Kuda, Chairman
  • Erin Garceau
  • Ashley Wagner
  • Vic Walter
  • Kristen Loth

The Entertainment and Culture Promotional Society (ECPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the Milwaukee area about cultures. ECPS conducts multiple events throughout the year to promote cultural diversity and education, including its main event, Anime Milwaukee. ECPS partners with other educational organizations in the greater Milwaukee area, including the Japanese Language Department of UW-Milwaukee the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago.

Anime Milwaukee’s 2020/2019 directors are:

  • Timothy Huesmann: Convention Chair
  • Chris King: co-Vice Convention Chair
  • Ashley Wagner: co-Vice Convention Chair
  • William Cramer: Chief of Staff (Convention Director)
  • Kristina Maki: Finance Convention Director
  • Evan Reeves: Facilities Convention Director
  • J. Hope Berger: Operations Division Director
  • Kristen Loth: Business Division Director
  • Olivia Offenbacher: Programming Division Director
  • A. Jinnie McManus: Communications Division Director
  • Shannon Bearfield: Guest Relations Division Director

All officer positions are filled, but we’re looking for staff! Apply now.