Accessibility & ADA

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AMKE is committed to equal access for all. 

If you or a loved one requires accommodations, we will be happy to provide reasonable accommodations to make your experience at our event as enjoyable as possible. Anyone requiring accommodations will be provided a sticker, along with their designated handler/helper/assistant. Designated handlers must have their own valid convention badge. If attending an 18+ event, the designated handler must also be at least 18 years old.

Simply show the sticker to any staff member and let them know what accommodations would best fit your needs. Stickers can be placed on the front or back of your badges, based on your preference.

We offer multiple locations to pick up stickers, for your convenience. 

  • Registration (the manager’s booth in the Exhibit Hall, Wisconsin Center, third floor)
  • Customer Service Information Booth (Exhibit Hall, Wisconsin Center, third floor; located next to Registration)
  • Safety Pen (103B, Wisconsin Center, ground floor)
  • Convention Operations (Walker, Hilton Milwaukee City Center, fourth floor)

We also offer two quiet rooms to get away from the busy convention hubbub.

  • Room 203AB, Wisconsin Center, Mezzanine level
  • Usinger, Hilton Milwaukee City Center, fourth floor

General Accommodations

All activity and panel rooms have wheelchair spaces; smaller rooms have at least one such space, and larger rooms have multiple spaces. We also provide advanced seating and/or line assistance for those with disabilities and their companions, depending on the event. Please ask staffers in the area for available accommodations. 

Wheelchair spaces and advanced seating are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In order for us to guarantee space is available, please arrive or notify us at least 15 minutes in advance. For the most popular events like Masquerade, please notify us at least 30 minutes in advance.

Trained service animals are welcome in sleeping rooms, common areas, and convention space. Pets and emotional support animals are strictly prohibited in all event spaces.

Additional reasonable accommodations not listed above will also be provided on request, based on need. We may not be able to accommodate every aspect of every disability, but we’ll make every effort to ensure you have the best convention experience possible.

Hilton Milwaukee City Center Accommodations

Our official convention hotel is the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. For more information about the physical features of accessible rooms, common areas, or special services relating to a specific disability, please contact them directly at 414-271-7250.

AMKE acknowledges our friends at Colorado Anime Fest in Denver, CO, for their assistance with this policy. Used and revised with permission.