Behold, the 2018 schedule and program guide! We’re so excited to show you what we have in store.

In the interest of getting this info out ASAP, for now you can view the schedule on Google Drive and the program—for mobile; 4MB and HQ; 40MB—as PDFs. Note that the mobile version of the program has slightly lower image resolution to make it smaller in size. It will be non-blurry in print form!

Looking for cosplay meetups/photoshoots? Access them directly here.

The web schedule will be updated over the weekend.

Program and Schedule Credits

  • Theme: Celebrating 30 Years of Final Fantasy!
  • Artist: Erin Garceau
  • Cover Design and Program Design: Joey Maestas
  • Schedule Layout and Design: Tanya Perez and Greg Hines

Assembling the program and the schedule was a collaborative effort involving all levels and divisions of AMKE staff. Thank you, staffers!

We’d also like to extend our gratitude to Colorado Anime Fest‘s communications division for volunteering numerous hours to help get this done. We’re getting this up two weeks prior to the convention due in part to their assistance.

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