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Exhibitor space hours for both vendors and artists are as follows:

Friday – 1pm-7pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – 10am-3pm

*Hours may be subject to change*

Artist Alley

The talent found in our Artist Alley never disappoints. Be it the skillful, diverse artwork on display or the creation of new friends and network opportunities, there is always something good to be had by browsing Artist Alley.  You may even find yourself back there multiple times.

Applications are closed for our Artist Alley

AMKE 2019 Artist Alley Information

🎨 Applications for Anime Milwaukee 2019’s Artist Alley are open June 1st – June 29th. 🎨

This year we’re doing something a little different: 15% of our alley will be lottery this year! This is to encourage less experienced or newer artists and diversify our alley a bit more. The applications will be juried first, and then a lottery will be done after. We hope this encourages you to apply!

Price: $150 including 1 badge

Please anticipate a response from us Late July/Early August 2018!

Questions? Email artists@animemilwaukee.org

2019 Artist Alley List

View Artists
Table Name Website
A10 Puvithel LINK
A11 Esclair Studios LINK
A12 CLIR Studio LINK
A13 Rainarc Rhapsody LLC LINK
A14 LucidSky LINK
A16 Belli-buttons LINK
A17 Soltian LINK
A18 rainubrew x l3reezer LINK
B1 BeeZeeArt LINK
B2 Lyns LINK
B3 Moony’s Dreamy Delights LINK
B4 Chai & Fawn LINK
B5 Bugfriends & Meatspice LINK
B6 Kimikococo Studios LINK
B7 cubecrazy2 LINK
B8 Pocket Wolf LINK
B9 Caroline Elsner Illustration LINK
C11 BitterBat LINK
C12 Penelopeloveprints LINK
C13 Maracuyas LINK
C14 Studio WL LINK
C15 nikusagi LINK
C16 Kerri Aitken Illustration LINK
C17 Kiiyame LINK
C18 vince price LINK
C19 Ofskysociety LINK
C20 Cloverkin LINK
D1 BeefxCake LINK
D2 MireielleART LINK
D3 Freeze-Ex- ICECUTE Studio LINK
D6 BritandBran Art LINK
D7 Steph Stanga Illustration LINK
D8 Fried Unicorn Studio LINK
D9 Brownrabbits LINK
D10 Mamobot LINK
E11 resubee/LM Pederson LINK
E12 ink root LINK
E13 Bird Egg Studio LINK
E14 Melon Frog LINK
E15 yuerise LINK
E16 Connie Beckham: Illustration and Design LINK
E17 zombiebass LINK
E18 Natural Pop LINK
E19 2inchgiraffe LINK
E20 Danica Sills LINK
F1 Potato Studios LINK
F2 Donnie Durdunkleton LINK
F3 Rubber Punk Producktions LINK
F4 P-Curly LINK
F5 wilddaggers LINK
F6 Babirousa LINK
F7 Milk Products LINK
F8 Trading Card Valhalla LINK
F9 Charming Little Fox Creations LINK
F10 itsMengo LINK
G11 Beck Attack LINK
G12 Rainbow Lion Designs LINK
G13 Dapper Raptor Studios LINK
G15 AthenaWyrm LINK
G16 Marcotte Studios LINK
G17 Kyuriin LINK
G18 voyagehour LINK
G19 Jimbobox LINK
G20 Radiant Grey LINK
H1 Lava Alley LINK
H2 cricketbat_ LINK
H3 Tangmo Cecchini LINK
H4 centimetre art LINK
H6 Amy Nagi LINK
H7 Magister LINK
H8 Baconmoose Comics LINK
H9 Yanimator Art LINK
H10 Tiny Dangerous Designs LINK
I1 Cherry-Pop! LINK
I3 MoeMilkArt LINK
I5 Vixizilla Plush LINK
I6 The Cafe Mouse LINK
I7 shouaart LINK


Anime Milwaukee wouldn’t be what it is without our awesome selection of vendors and we’re always looking for new & exciting companies and products to offer our attendees. We especially welcome those vendors who want to show their love and offer Anime Milwaukee Exclusive items.

Applications are closed for our Vendor Room

AMKE 2019 Vendor Information

Questions? Take a gander at this example Exhibit Hall contract for AMKE 2019!

Applications for Anime Milwaukee 2019’s Artist Alley are open August 10th – September 15th.

Price: $400 for a 10’x10′ booth space with x1 table, x2 vendor badges for first booth purchased (+1 vendor badge for every booth purchased thereafter), x2 chairs

Vendors may purchase additional vendor badges for $40 each.

Please anticipate a response from us TBA!

Questions? Email business@animemilwaukee.org

2019 Vendor List


If you’re an industry representative and you’re interested in having a booth at Anime Milwaukee 2019, please fill out our Industry Inquiry Form.