Table Top Gaming

Welcome to Table Top Gaming! We’re bigger and better than ever. This is an open space for friendly table top games, including your own. If you didn’t bring any, that’s fine too. We have a huge game library where you can check out board games.


New location TBA for 2020


  • Friday, February 14th: 1 PM – Midnight, Open Gaming: Noon – Midnight
  • Saturday, February 15th: 10 AM – Midnight, Open Gaming: 10 AM – Midnight
  • Sunday, February 16th: 10 AM – 4 PM, Open Gaming: 10 AM – 4 PM

Notes for Popular Games

  • Yes, we have Cards Against Humanity and, yes, you can play it: but you need to provide an ID showing you’re over the age of 18 when you check it out.
  • Pathfinder Society will be around all weekend long, running their events. We also take walk-ins.  Stop in and check the schedule!
  • We will be hosting our annual Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City tournament on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at NOON! Entry is $5, and the prize will be an Anime Milwaukee 2021 Weekend pass. The rules are Battle City rules, just come to Tabletop Games HQ to get your stars. The finals will be on Sunday at noon. If you think you have the most stars, show up for the final tournament!

You’re welcome to come in and bring your own games to play. In fact, we encourage it!

2020 Schedule

Tournament Schedule

Friday, February 14th
1:00 PM Friday Afternoon Magic – DRAFT $20
2:00 PM Yu-Gi-Oh! Advanced Format $5
4:00 PM Pokemon League (FREE)
7:00 PM Magic FNM – Standard $5
9:00 PM to midnight Are You a Werewolf
9:00 PM to midnight 18+ Gaming – CAH, Slash, Red Flags and more!
Saturday, February 15th
10:00 AM to Noon Pokemon League (FREE)
Noon Yu-Gi-Oh! AMKE Battle City Tournament $5
1:00 PM Magic – Draft $20
2:00 PM Cardfight Vanguard $5 (Premium Format)
3:00 PM Catan (FREE)
4:00 PM Weiss Schwarz Tournament (FREE)
6:00 PM Magic – Commander of the Con Tournament $5
9:00 PM to Midnight Are You a Werewolf
9:00 PM to Midnight 18+ Gaming – CAH, Slash, Red Flags and more!
Sunday, February 17th
10:00 AM to Noon Pokemon League (FREE)
11:00 AM Pokemon Sword and Shield Sealed $25
Noon Magic UNSTABLE Draft – $30

All Weekend: Giant Chess, Giant Catan, Play for Keeps

Full Tabletop Room Schedule for AMKE 2020 (Download)

AMKE 2020: Tabletop Room Schedule

Thank you to Gnome Games for running the board game and card game tournaments!