Masquerade Staff

Masquerade Staff for AMKE 2019 is bringing in years of cosplay and convention staffing experience to the table. Let’s learn more about them in their introductions below. More staff will be revealed in the upcoming months.

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Please welcome our new Masquerade Department Head: Sara! Masquerade ADH: Nicole

Department Head: Sara

Masquerade Department Head 2019
Anime Milwaukee

Greetings Fellow Cosplayers!

My name is Sara and I am your new Department Head for the 2019 Masquerade Department at Anime Milwaukee!

I know that over the last few years, the Masquerade at Anime Milwaukee has failed to meet your expectations.  I would like to take a moment to say, we at Anime Milwaukee, have heard your feedback and critiques with our prior performances.  I want to thank you for bringing your issues to AMKE’s attention so we can take affirmative action to remedy them. We are always looking for ways to make our convention experience the best it can be for you, our attendees.

It is my intention to keep you up to date and informed every month from now until February 15, 2019 when the doors to the Masquerade Office open.  These monthly updates will include a variety of useful and fun information such as the updated rules, division classifications, staff bios and other possible fun mini events as they come.  I’m looking forward to seeing everybody’s hard work and fantastic cosplays this year and I hope you are too! I know that together we can make this year’s 2019 AMKE Masquerade an event that will be talked about for years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at with questions or concerns regarding this year’s Masquerade.

In the spirit of moving forward to a better Masquerade experience and addressing previous feedback, I’m proud to say this year we have a whole new staff whom are highly experienced with cosplay and conventions to help get this party started.  Each and every one of my staff possesses skill sets emphasizing Craftsmanship, costuming, props, and attention to detail to make this the best AMKE Masquerade ever! I am thrilled to introduce you to my excellent team as we build up to the convention, starting with myself.

Please welcome our new Masquerade Department Head: Sara!

Name: Sara
Blood Type: A+
Zodiac: Taurus
Current Anime: The Ancient Magus Bride

I graduated from Illinois State University – College of Fine Arts with a Bachelors of Science in Studio Art.  I have been sewing my own costumes (amongst other things) for 10 years! Prior convention costumes that I have made are:

Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Emma from Emma

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

The Red Queen (OC) from Alice In Wonderland

Luna from Sailor Moon

I have been attending, staffing, vendoring, and selling in Artist Alleys since 2005 at events across the country.  I appreciate and know first hand the time, effort, hard work, and dedication that everyone puts into their cosplays.  The passion and creativity cosplayers display amazes me and I learn more everyday from talking to fellow cosplayers.

A small taste of my current and past events are:  Anime Milwaukee, Anime Central, Uchi-Con, Karoshi-Con, New York Comic Con, Atlanta Comic Con, Anime Iowa, Anime Punch Armageddicon, Oni-Con, AniMinneapolis, Kollision Con, Shibaricon, C2E2, Galveston Texas Mardi Gras Festival, NerdPow!, Freedom Expo, Bristol Renaissance Faire, King Richard’s Faire, Texas Renaissance Faire, North Texas Irish Festival, Meadow Highland Games, and the Irish Festival of Staten Island New York.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact me at with questions or concerns regarding this year’s Masquerade.

With appreciation,

Masquerade Department Head
Anime Milwaukee

Assistant Dept. Head: Nicole

Name: Nicole

Blood Type: A+

Zodiac: Taurus
Current Anime: Cowboy Bebop…again
Current Builds: Star Guardian Poppy (League of Legends), Sir Galahad (Monty Python and the Holy Grail) for my corgi, Galahad

Masquerade ADH: Nicole

Howdy – I’m Nicole, your new ADH of Masquerade! Although I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.S. in Chemistry (I’m one of those awesomely nerdy people), I met Sara while working on my Masters of Science at ISU and have been staffing conventions with her ever since. Where Sara is the goddess of sewing, my heart belongs to props and armormaking. Some of the recent goodies I’ve made so far include:

League of Legends: LeonaLeague of Legends (LoL): Leona (Project Leona skin)

Saw: Amanda YoungSaw: Amanda Young (via

League of Legends: Teemo League of Legends: Star Guardian Poppy (armor) Horizon Dawn Zero: Sword
Left to Right: LoL Teemo, LoL Star Guardian Poppy, Horizon Dawn Zero (sword)

I’ve staffed and competed in masquerades at conventions all across the country, including Anime Milwaukee, Anime Central, PAX East, PAX West, AniMinneapolis, Meta Con, C2E2, Kollison Con, Eau Claire Comic Con, and Daisho Con.
Although I haven’t been on the competitive scene for the longest of time, I’ve taken home awards ranging from Best Prop, Best Craftsmanship, to even multiple Best in Shows. My proudest accomplishment has been winning first place in FX at C2E2’s Crown Championships of Cosplay wearing PROJECT: Leona (not bad for a birthday con)!

For me… I appreciate new and/or unusual approaches to building cosplays, as well as improving on current methods. I’ve used everything from toilet paper, hockey tape, worbla, LEDs, bottle caps, hair curlers, to (my favorite) magnets to get the look I’m going for. I’m also a believer that you don’t need to break the bank to create an amazeballs prop or armor piece.

If you’ve got a question, never be afraid to ask! Contact us at with questions, and we’ll see you in February! <3

See You Space Cowboy,
Masquerade Assistant Department Head
Anime Milwaukee