Masquerade Rules

Please review all of the Masquerade Rules and Regulations below for the Anime Milwaukee 2019 Masquerade.


  1. All costumes and performances must conform to convention and state guidelines for decency.
  2. No profanity or lewd gestures in English or other languages.
  3. No skit or cosplay may be used to create a negative environment nor include controversial material.
  4. One entry per person, one walk-on or one skit, you can not do one of each.
  5. Four in a group per walk-on, eight in a group per skit.
  6. Entry and exit from the stage may only be made at the designated areas.
  7. Absolutely no surprises allowed.  Do not deviate from your approved performance.
  8. The Masquerade Department Head reserves the right to have the final word on all decisions regarding the Masquerade and Hallway Cosplay Competitions.


  1. No live steel or firearms. No airsoft guns.
  2. All prop firearms must have an orange tip with no projectiles loaded.
  3. All blades must be fake and dull.
  4. All ranged weapons, such as bows, must not be tightly strung.
  5. No part of your performance or costume may leave the stage and go into the audience.


  1. Costumes must be relevant to Anime Milwaukee’s theme.  Anime, manga, music, live action, or video games, etc.
  2. Non-relevant performances may be allowed at the Department Head’s discretion.
  3. You may not compete in a costume that has won an award at another convention or a previous Anime Milwaukee.  You may walk the stage/give your performance as exhibition only and will not be eligible to win a prize.
  4. Do not leave any part of your costume/body paint behind on the stage or other contestants.
  6. Walk-ons are limited to 30 seconds.
  7. Skits are limited to four minutes.
  8. All cosplay walk-ons and skits must check-in prior to the Masquerade.  All participants in a group walk-on or skit for the Masquerade must be in attendance to be checked in during Masquerade Office Hours.
  9. All skits will need to be run through with the Masquerade Department for final approval.
  10. Bring your audio in MP3 format to the Masquerade Office at the convention during your check-in.


Cosplayers may compete for awards in two major areas: presentation (based on how the costumes appear when presented) and craftsmanship (based on close examination of the costumes backstage).

The Masquerade Department Head reserves the right to move a cosplayer up to a more competitive level. A cosplayer may always choose to compete in a higher division than that in which the Masquerade Department Head has placed them. They may not choose to compete in a lower division.

  • CHIBI: Young cosplayers (12 and under) may compete in this category and not against adults, unless they wish to.
  • NOVICE: The Novice division exists to encourage people who are new to cosplay and masquerades to compete.
  • JOURNEYMAN: This division is for cosplayers who have won awards in, or whose skill exceeds, the Novice division, but who feel they are not yet ready to compete in the Master division.
  • MASTER: This division is for cosplayers at the top of their craft. Anyone may compete in the Master division.
  • EXHIBITION: This division is for cosplayers who are not eligible to compete in another division.


Contact our Masquerade director at or send us a message on Facebook.