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Terrell - ZeroFourStudios

Name: Terrell/TopCat
Blood Type: Mine
Zodiac: Capricorn
Current Anime: Mob Psycho season 2, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), and Goblin Slayer
Content Creator: ZeroFour Studios – Terrell

Hey Hey Outlaws!

I have been working and participating in conventions for 20 plus years. My very first convention was Anime Central many moons ago, since that moment I have been in love with cosplay and conventions. I created and hosted a game show called “The Terrell Show” for a couple years for conventions. Now I spend my free time going to as many conventions as I can with my wife and daughters who are cosplayers. Three years ago, I created ZeroFour Studios with the passion to film and take pictures of epic cosplayers around the country. At the start of my fourth year as ZeroFour Studios, I am happy to be your host for Anime Milwaukee Masquerade 2019.

Stay Epic Cosplayers


Shining Polaris

Shining Polaris

Christine Diep — Shining Polaris — in from Illinois and have been cosplaying for over 25 years! Her first cons were both Anime Central and Anime Expo in the 90s. She started to seriously cosplay and entered competitions in the 2000s. Christine have entered many local and national competitions such as Reedpop’s Crown Championships of Cosplays and Dragoncon’s Friday Masquerade. Her biggest award she earned was in 2016 for Judge’s Choice in the Crown Championships for her Victoria Dalek gown. She have judged many costumes contests in the past 4 years. Christine is involved in many charity based cosplay groups. When she is not making costumes and preparing for cons, she enjoys doing various kid charity events and putting smiles on their faces!

Karen Stitches


Karen Jackson, from Chicago, is a seasoned professional seamstress. Her specialities include on-set and location alterations and garment construction in fast-paced, and time-sensitive environments such as photo shoots. She is particularly known for her technical skills in design, fit, pattern-making, draping, construction, and sewing. Karen has worked with famous artists such as Jimmy Page, Carrie Underwood, and Thomas Rhett.

In her spare time, she enjoys vintage cars, dancing, and teaching classes on sewing, garment construction, and pattern drafting to cosplayers just starting out and those that have been sharing her passion for creativity for years.

Moderately Okay Cosplay

Moderately Okay Cosplay: Gambit from X-Men

Moderately Okay Cosplay (John) is a cosplayer based out of Orlando, Florida. He makes cosplay from anime, video games, comic books, and more. If you can nerd out over it, he’s probably made something from it!

John began cosplaying in 2012 because he wanted to be a character from League of Legends, but it wasn’t anywhere close to Halloween. A friend of his had introduced him to conventions and cosplay, and since then he’s been hooked. He has made over 100 costumes and has had the opportunity to work with companies like Nintendo by representing their characters to the public, as well as having traveled to many conventions, both in the US and internationally, as a cosplay guest and judge. He now cosplays mostly from video games, and is mostly known for his cosplays from the hit video game Final Fantasy XV.

The name, Moderately Okay Cosplay, matches well with how John describes himself. He believes cosplay is for everyone, not just those who are pros at it, and that the community has a spot for you, no matter what your skill level.


Reika - Joker from Black Butler

REIKA is a Japanese cosplayer based in Osaka. At present, she joins events in Asia, Europe, the United States and South America. She has been cosplaying for 23 years, and has made more than 600 costumes. Also, she holds workshops on wig setting, makeup and costume making.

Reika began her crafting path in elementary school where she made felt badges, cultivating early talents that would eventually lead her to craft her first costume: Okita Souji from Rurouni Kenshin. Since then, she’s brought many of her favorite characters to life, even if they are male. Her favorite costume accomplishment to date is Origami Cyclone (Tiger & Bunny). When taking on characters with large props or intricate masks, she develops the props and most difficult elements first to make sure she doesn’t run out of time and rush the parts that need the most attention. If you’d like to learn more about traditional outfits, Reika recommends visiting historic clothing exhibitions and museums. At the end of the day, Reika believes there’s no greater reason to cosplay than to take on characters you love.