Manga Library

For the manga enthusiast, Anime Milwaukee is proud to welcome you back to the Manga Library!

Here attendees will be able to read, for free, in between screenings, speaking engagements, events, and other activities found at Anime Milwaukee. The library consists of a myriad of manga titles from multiple publishers including English and Japanese text, Japanese literature, and other resource materials – all of which are free to read while in the library. We also open our shelves to American graphic novels. Our friendly and helpful library staff will be there to assist you every step of the way, even recommending titles if you are unsure of what to read. The Manga Library is the place to be if reading is your cup of tea!

Hours of Operation:

  • Friday, February 15th 12pm-12am
  • Saturday, February 16th 10am-12am
  • Sunday, February 17th 10am-4pm


  1. If you bring backpacks, purses, or bags of any kind into the Manga Library, please be aware that Anime Milwaukee is not responsible if they go missing.
  2. If you want to check out books while in the Manga Library, you must have an Anime Milwaukee badge. The badge will act as your pass to check out books.
  3. Once inside the library, staff members will collect your badge upon checkout of books. They may also ask for a backup form of contact such as an email address or telephone number; this is to ensure our books remain in the library as well as all badges get returned.
  4. While in the library, you are restricted to only having two books at a time. When you finish those two books, you can turn them into the library staff and check out another two.


We are always taking donations to our growing manga library from attendees, staff, and sponsors. Got manga, graphic novels, Japanese magazines (to name a few) that are taking up too much space? We can take them.

If you are interested in donating to our collection, please contact Mike Bleakly at

Participate in our Fantastic Fanfiction Contest!

AMKE 2019: Fantastic Fanfiction Contest

It’s Revenge of the Prose at AMKE. The 3rd Anime Milwaukee Fantastic Fanfiction Contest is calling all writers to show your creativity through your fandoms, and your original works. From now until February 13th, 2020, we will be accepting fanfiction submissions of many types. Anime Milwaukee always encourage our attendees to be creative, and we have multiple categories in this contest where they can do just that. Also, we will be giving out multiple prizes for these main categories and will be announced at the Manga Library during the con. Happy writing!

More info: TBA