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Charity Ball

Friday, 7-11pm | Crystal Ballroom, Hilton Milwaukee Downtown | $5 tickets (available at door)

*Charity Ball 2019 information will be added soon!

Not sure what to do after opening ceremonies? Want to show off those ballroom dancing lessons you got as a gift over the holidays? Have you ever wanted to go to prom and dance with a Tuxedo Mask? (Who hasn’t?) Then have we got the event for you! Suit up and dance the night away for a good cause at our annual masked charity ball! Get your picture taken on the grand staircase and then grab a drink at the cash bar before enjoying some amazing music! Tickets are sold on the fourth floor of the Hilton near the skywalk entrance (past the escalators to the left if you’re getting off the skywalk).

The charity chosen this year is the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is at the heart of the community, delivering educational and community-building services that meet the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT+) people living in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Their welcoming environment provides health and wellness programs, arts; entertainment and cultural events; and recovery, financial and family support services. They are more than just a physical space. They’re a place of acceptance, support and joy. A place to just be yourself.

General rules for attending the ECPS Charity Ball:

  1. This event is open to the public. An Anime Milwaukee badge is not required.
  2. Formal attire and a mask is required*. Masks are available for purchase at the door.
  3. No outside food or drink is allowed unless medically necessary.
  4. Large bags/purses are not allowed. Small purses/handbags/clutches are acceptable.
  5. Coats will not be allowed into the event. Please check your coats at the Anime Milwaukee coat check.
  6. No smoking or vaping.
  7. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  8. Please be respectful of the venue, our equipment, our staff and fellow attendees to avoid damages/injuries.

The dress code is formal. Acceptable other formalwear includes traditional costumes (i.e. kimonos, kilts, Saris, Kebaya) and formal military attire. If you plan on cosplaying during this event, your costume must still be formal appropriate. Please use your best judgment on whether your costume is considered formal. Costume paint and street shoes will not be allowed.

Be advised that you will not be admitted into this event without formal attire and a mask. Appropriate attire is per staff discretion.
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Friday, 10pm–3am | Main Programming

Join us on the 21st floor of the Hyatt in the Vue Ballroom. Come see Anime Milwaukee’s top DJs spin the hottest music. Drink and let’s make the first night of AMKE go out with a bang. Must be 18 to enter and 21+ to drink. Admission is free with your Anime Milwaukee badge.


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Nocturnal Undergound Rave Poster at Anime Milwaukee 2019Nocturnal Underground Rave

Saturday, 10pm–3am | Main Programming

The lights turn low and the beats go way up at Nocturnal Underground, Anime Milwaukee’s premier dance party! Light up the night with the best DJs from the around the country, as they spin the hardest beats and the hottest new jams all night long. Throw down for the most electrifying dance party experience ever. Get your dancing shoes and your glow sticks on, and join us on the dance floor tonight! Admission is free with your Anime Milwaukee badge.


*Photos courtesy of PunkBurd Arts

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  1. Anime Milwaukee badge needed for entry.
  2. NO bottles with any liquids will be allowed inside the Dances, there will be water stations inside the event.
  3. NO bags will be allowed in. *This is for the safety of everyone. We want everyone to know this BEFORE they line up that absolutely NO BAGS will not be admitted. The only exception to this will be a clutch/wristlet or medical devices, which will be subject to searching. We advise all attendees to also utilize their phone case to carry their forms of ID and coat check.
  4. No photography or recording is permitted during concerts.
  5. NO line jumping, reserving spots and saving seats. If you need to use the washroom or get a drink of water while in line, let staff know so that you do not seem to be cutting in line when you return.
  6. IDs: Nocturnal Underground Rave (Saturday) is all ages, so no ID is needed. However, Club AMKE (Friday) is 18+. You must bring an ID to enter for Club AMKE.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How old do you have to be to enter Club AMKE?
A:18 enter, 21 to drink

Q: Are alcohol drinks purchased from the hotel allowed in the convention center during Club AMKE?
A: NO! Drinks purchased from the hotel are ONLY allowed on the first floor, your hotel room and the top floor.

Q: How do I get to Club AMKE?
A: Take Hyatt elevator to the top on the hotel which is the VUE Floor. Used to be called Polaris. Only 2 elevators take you all the way to the top.

Q: Can I take my drink from the first floor of the hotel to Club AMKE during Club AMKE?
A: Yes. Sometimes the bar lines at the top can be long. To help with the demand of drinks, you can purchase the signature drinks at the bar as well.

Q: What type of drinks are sold during Club AMKE?
A: The bartender at Club AMKE can make you anything that they have at their bar (Ex: rum & Coke, beer, Vodka & Sprite. No Shots)

Q: I am allowed to stand in line for the the elevator on the second floor with drink?
A: Only time you are allowed to be on the Second floor of the hotel with your alcohol drink is in line for Club AMKE.

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