10 months 21 days  until Anime Milwaukee 2020

Looking for the schedule?

Programming is the heart and soul of Anime Milwaukee! From cultural and educational events to guest panels, fan events, gaming and dances, we do our best to pack the weekend with so much great stuff that it’s hard to choose. Here is a sampling:

The top cosplayers compete to win prizes and perform skits in this cosplay contest.

Cosplay Combat Chess
Your favorite characters come to life as they duel in this role-playing performance.

Do we need to say more? This category includes Club AMKE, the Charity Ball, and the Saturday Night dance.

Film Festival
Catch some new episodes of the latest anime, or find a classic you’ve never seen to power-watch. We have anime showings from series and film for all ages, from mecha to magical girls and many more!

Cultural Programming
Cultural Programming
Learn and experience Japanese culture through panels and performances!

Children’s Programming
A fun space with activities planned for kids 12 and under with parents in tow. Located in 1st Floor Wisconsin Center.

Panels & Workshops
By fans and experts, for fans and experts, we bring you a rich variety of content from industry, fans, vendors and educators. Located on 1st and 2nd floor of the Wisconsin Center.

Table Top Gaming:
Did you bring your dice?  Through the weekend, we’ll be hosting a variety of games including card games, tournaments, role-playing, and our own Board Game Library. Pass a little time between panels, or spend the entire weekend here, our doors are always open!

Video Gaming:
Bigger, better, and bolder- our video game room hosts a wild variety of console and arcade games, fighting, racing, rhythm, and more! Participate in a tournament or play for fun! Located on 1st floor of the Wisconsin Center.

Manga Library
Manga Library:
Take a break from the busy con atmosphere in our Manga Library. We have a vast collection of English and Japanese manga for you to choose from. Located on the 1st Floor Wisconsin Center, you can relax and read your favorite manga.

Sing your heart out, or just sit back and watch your friends!