Trainers Rendezvous

Trainers Rendezvous is an event run by Pokémon fans for Pokémon fans to get in touch with others of similar interests and have fun! All we are looking for are people to come, battle, talk Pokémon, and have a good time. We will be having tournaments, meet-ups, Cosplay Contests, along with panels and gaming. Stop in and join us Friday and Saturday for any of our Pokévents!


Pokemon Snap Tournament Time: 2-7PM

Do you have fond memories of playing Snap on the Nintendo 64? Too young to remember the N64? Either way you are welcome to try your hand at getting the best picture for Professor Oak and win at photography forever!

Spirit Pokemon, Where are you? Time: 3-4PM

Cannot get that jar open? Lost your keys? Late to school? Call upon your spirit Pokemon to rescue you from your troubles! DON’T KNOW YOUR SPIRIT POKEMON? Come on down and tell me what generation(s) you think your spirit Pokemon is from and I will help you find them, for better or worse.


Pokemon Bingo Time: 4-6PM

Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Bingo? See these two things aimed at completely different age groups combined into an one event for all ages! You will be given a blank bingo card and you fill it in with designated Pokemon before the game begins.


Cards with Corey Time: 6-8PM

We have kidnapped the head of Anime Milwaukee and forced him to play children’s card games. Come by and enjoy!


Pokemon Drinking Game Time: 9PM At the Hyatt Bar

Get a drink and come by to play the Pokemon Drinking Game. Or just watch. Either way hilarity is bound to ensue. 21 and older, obviously.




Elite 4 Tournament Time: 2-7PM

Grab your copy of Sun or Moon and your best team to try and defeat our Elite Four! We won’t make you do any trials or defeat any gyms beforehand but you will still need to be the very best, like no one ever was!


PokeFan Panel Panel Time: 9-10AM



Pokemon Crafting Time: 10-12AM



Pokemon Cosplay Contest Time: 1PM

Dressed up as anything from Pokemon? Want to show off your hard work and skill onstage? Come to our cosplay contest! Contestants must be there at 12:30 at the latest to register.


Pokemon Artist Rendezvous Time: 3-4PM

Come draw on our paper-filled table or bring your own sketch books and drawing materials to share your art! This is an event made for Pokemon fans who love to draw!


Pokemon Survival Guide Time: 6-7PM

The Pokemon world is more than just forcing your pets to battle other pets for money, glory, and sometimes justice. There is a lot going into your adventure, here’s how you can be prepared for it.