AMKE Shark Tank 2018

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So you want to make an impact on Anime Milwaukee? Welcome to Anime Milwaukee’s ‘Shark Tank’!

This is where you, our attendees, have a chance to make your voices heard and change something about Anime Milwaukee for our 2019 event and win FREE weekend badges for our 2019 event.

Much like the television program that this concept was inspired by, you will have the chance to make a change or addition to Anime Milwaukee, which we may implement for our 2019 event. Once your application has been approved, you must prepare a detailed presentation for your idea and be prepared to answer questions regarding your pitch during the Shark Tank panel at Anime Milwaukee 2018 to a committee of our Convention Officers. The winning presentation will be implemented by our staff in 2019 and the winner also will win a swag bag and free badge(s) for 2019. We may reward up to six winners, depending on the number of and the quality of submissions. (Note: It is possible that we may not select any winners. There is no absolute guarantee that we will choose a submission)


  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Individuals or up to teams of two (2) can participate
  • Finalists have five (5) minutes of presentation time to convince the Sharks why their idea is valuable to Anime Milwaukee
  • Attendees are welcome to sit in the audience to watch participants pitch their ideas
  • The winning applicant may not necessarily be a part of the implementation of the winning idea or change
  • This contest may not yield a winner
  • We may award up to six (6) winners

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