AMKE Cosplay Kickoff Laser Tag Session

Thursday Feb 16th 9:30pm - 11:30pm

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We want to welcome all the Anime Milwaukee convention goers with some homegrown Milwaukee action. You’ll see plenty of us nerds around the convention, but we also want you to come see us. That’s why we’re hosting a Cosplay Kickoff Session where we encourage you to come out in your costumes! Show ’em off to the other convention goers and then head into the arena for some crazy character combinations. Maybe we’ll finally solve the age old question of whether Superman can beat Goku? Who knows!

The session starts at 9:30PM on Thursday night, February 16, and we encourage you to arrive about 15-20 minutes earlier just to make sure you can sign in. We’ll also have the cameras out for this session, so you might get an awesome picture or video of your killstreak in costume!

After we’re good and tired we’ll be headed to 42 Lounge to share war stories over gaming themed drinks. They’ll also have some specials available for the cosplayers.

Use the promo code “COSPLAY” for half off our normal price for this session. Call us at 414.483.2222 or use this your code to Book Online

Note: Our sensors are worn on the head with a headband, and we won’t allow any hoods to be up during gameplay.

Address: 4905 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207