On Public Safety

Like everyone else, we’re seeing what happened in Florida and sending our thoughts to all affected. We are getting questions on if those tragic events will alter any rules for this weekend. At this time, we have no plans to change our existing cosplay rules this year.
Due to heightened security, we will be expanding prop check to take place at each entrance of the Wisconsin Center. Note again that the rules for props haven’t changed, just the amount of places you can go for peace-bonding!
Please know that we at Anime Milwaukee take your safety very seriously and planned this event with strong, cohesive coordination between our staff, the Wisconsin Center and the Hyatt. We will also have private security staff onsite this year, in addition to our AMKE Safety staffers and venue security. Should something happen, please first make sure you are in a safe location. You will then be directed via loudspeakers on what further action to take, if any.
As always, if you see something that looks off or suspicious, please don’t hesitate to inform AMKE or venue staff. We are all here to make sure you have fun this weekend.
See you soon!
Corey Wood
Convention Chair
PS: We are currently in the middle of setup, so we may not be able to address questions on social media. You’re welcome to ask for further clarification onsite if needed.