Join Staff at AMKE 2019

Hello everyone, we are actively looking for new staff for Anime Milwaukee 2019. Did you know that this is a 100% volunteer organization? In order for this year’s convention to run smoothly, we will need new staff members to join the AMKE team. Join us at the link below… you won’t regret it!

Staff Applications are now closed for 2019

What are we looking for?

  • – You understand that this is a volunteer role, and not a paid position.
  • – Must be at least 18 years old
  • – Must be able to volunteer for at least 24 hours throughout the convention
  • – Must be able to attend All Mandatory Meetings and participate in all Mandatory conference calls
  • – Must adhere to Anime Milwaukee Staff Code of Conduct at all times

What are the perks?

AMKE provides hotel crash space, weekend membership, meals and staff ‘Red Shirts’ for our volunteer staff who sign on to help us make the show great! We also provide customer service and department specific training, and team gatherings & meetings throughout the year.

What departments are looking for staff?

  • Programming (Departments that support attendee events going on during the weekend)
    • Main Programming: Stage Crew
    • Panel Programming
    • Childrens’ Programming: Staff
    • Video Game Programming
    • Video Programming
    • Table Top Programming
  • Guest Relations (The folks who take care of our guests of honor)
    • Guest Logistics: Drivers
    • Guest Assistants
  • Communications (Press, Social Media, Customer Service desk, Marketing, Web and print media)
    • Design & Production: Staff
    • Customer Service: Staff
    • Press
    • Public Relations: Staff
  • Operations (Behind the scenes folks who do everything from line control to coat check)
    • Coat Check: Staff
    • Medical Incident Response (MIR)
    • Safety
    • IT: Staff
    • Volunteers
  • Business (Departments that do registration, merch booth, and similar projects)
    • Registration: Staff
    • Exhibit Hall: Staff


I have work experience in a certain area. Where can I write it in the application?

At the end of the application, we have an area where you can copy & paste your previous experience. It can be a mini resume or a quick list of conventions that you’ve previously staffed. Put down relevant information and we’ll note it when assigning your department.

I want to change departments after I was assigned to one. Who do I talk to about it?

Please talk to our Chief of Staff. She manages the staff assignments and is willing to help you out! Email her at or talk to her at the staff meetings.

I don’t live within short driving distance to the convention. Can I still apply to be staff?

Yes, we accept staff from anywhere! You must be committed to your hours and staff duties during the convention and can use a conference call as an alternative to meeting in person.

I am under 18 by the convention but I still want to help out! How can I help?

We still accept volunteers during the convention, more information to be announced closer to the con. You can also help by submitting a panel so we have awesome content throughout the weekend!