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AMKE2019 Cosplay Combat Chess Ad

These warriors will soon enter the battlefield in Cosplay Combat Chess. And so can you! We are looking for enthusiastic and skilled cosplayers to participate in this year’s event. If you’ve always wanted to duke it out as your favorite character, then this is your chance to shine! Click the link below to learn how to enter. Pre-Con registration for CCC ends on 1/31/19. Spots are going fast, so register NOW!

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Cosplay: Afro Samurai
Cosplayer: Selwyn Ayers Jr
Instagram: @cosplayer4fun
Photographer: Steve Davis Photography

Cosplay: Wonder Woman
Cosplayer: Tina Binns
Instagram: @t.toxikcosplays
Photographer: @skywhisper_photo

Cosplay: Rogue
Cosplayer: Kathy Sun
Instagram: @tenyjaycosplay
Photographer: @Komodophoto

Cosplay: Eijirou Kirishima (My Hero Academia)
Cosplayer: Ellie Weidner
Instagram: @UnderMyHeaven
Photographer: Justin Pineda P&V