Cosplay Meetup Form now available

Hey, AMKE fans! We’re back to help with cosplay meetups for 2019! Some things are changing this year, and we want to work with you to create a seamless, fun experience.

We will be booking sessions on the half hour, and this year we won’t use the “Cosplay Garden” (The palm tree area between the escalators.) That spot is amazing, but it creates too much of a traffic mess with the escalators, and we don’t want to repeat those issues from last year. This year we’ve set aside a room on the first floor for your use.

Requests will be handled first come first served, but there will be preference given to meetups related to AMKE’s theme and guests. The meetup organizer (That’s you!) will be responsible for planning and coordination. AMKE will not provide full-time photography this year, but we will frequently have a staff photographer present.

All photoshoots are open to photography from attendees, meetup group members, and our convention photographers. A final schedule will be published when the convention schedule is published. We will email all the accepted organizers with their time and location as soon as the schedule is finalized. Since the meetup is in an Anime Milwaukee function room, a badge will be required for all participants.


  • Organizer(s) must be pre-registered for the convention.
  • All meetup participants must be registered attendees
  • We ask that every organizer have a back-up. If multiple groups request the same show/game/etc meetup, we reserve the right to combine similar meetups into a larger group.
  • If your group is larger than expected, we reserve the right to adjust the location or split the group into sections.
  • If you have a Facebook event for the meetup, we request to be invited to it.
  • Photoshoots are limited for 30 minutes.
  • AMKE is not responsible for watching your belongings during the meetup.
  • All convention rules must be followed during meetups.

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