Cosplay Meetup Schedule Now Available!

**NEW LOCATION** Room 102AB in Wisconsin Center (Wisconsin Avenue side)

Cosplay Meetup Schedule Images
Friday Saturday Sunday
Open for Photos
Overwatch /
Studio Ghibli
Food Wars /
Little Witch Academia
11:00a-12:00p Harry Potter/
One Punch Man
Fire Emblem /
Square Enix
12:00p-1:00p Steven Universe /
Naruto and Boruto
Star Wars
1:00p-2:00p Hetalia /
Monster Prom
2:00p-3:00p Magical Girls/
Miraculous Ladybug
Yuri on Ice Black Butler /
Stranger Things
3:00p-4:00p Idols /
One Piece
Classic Nintendo/
Disney & Dreamworks
Seven Deadly Sins
4:00p-5:00p Avatar/
Dragon Ball
Marvel / DC / RWBY
5:00p-6:00p League and WoW/
Alt Cartoon Network
My Hero Academia /
Kingdom Hearts
6:00p-7:00p Sword Art World /
Furry Meetup /
Attack on Titan
7:00p-8:00p Fate/Stay and TYPE-MOON /
Seraph of the End
Black Clover
8:00p-9:00p JoJo’s Bizarre Adv. /
Homestuck/ Hiveswap/ Friendsim
Danganronpa /
Gundam World
9:00p-10:00p Cartoon Network Shows Persona