CMP Laser Tag at AMKE 2018!

CMP Tactical Lazer Tag is a new evolution of laser tag featuring high tech realistic simulated metal weapons and objective based gameplay located in Milwaukee. Defuse bombs, capture zones, plan bank heists, and assassinate enemy generals all while armed with the most precise, most responsive metal equipment in the industry. They’ve ripped the experience straight out of the video games you know and love and put it all into a multi-story, multi-building arena. If you’re in town for the convention, then you cannot miss this Milwaukee original.
For the first time this year CMP has set up their mobile battlefield right here at AMKE so you unwind and get a taste of the action. Games will take place in WISC 203 from 7PM-11PM Friday and Noon-4PM Saturday. Games will rotate with between 6 and 10 playing at the same time. Cosplay is encouraged, so bring your squad, stay in costume and take out your enemies as your favorite character.
Anime Milwaukee fans can also get 30% off their next booking at CMP Tactical Lazer Tag by using the code “AMKE2018” online. The code will work for any future bookings but will only be valid until February 26, so book soon. You can go to to book now!