Anime Milwaukee Welcomes Leon Chiro!


Leon Chiro is a professional cosplayer from Italy.  He’s an official cosplayer for numerous video game companies including Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed \ Watch Dogs), Square Enix (Gladiolus – Final Fantasy XV), Capcom (honorary mention for his Dante) and many more.  He is currently working for Riot Games as official Cos-Model for the champion Rakan from League Of Legends.

Previously he worked for 20th Century Fox on the last Assassin’s Creed The Movie promotional campaign, doing stunts and official launch events in Europe.  He’s also known as one of the most iconic figures in the Assassin’s Creed community, since he worked for this company for many years and from 2016 he has officially been recognized as the Italian face of Assassin’s Creed.

Leon is a student in VIGAMUS Academy ( Rome ) specialized on Marketing, Digital Communication in Videogames.  He’s the winner of many national competitions, one of his career highlights is the ECG Italian representative on the European finals in Japan Expo 2016

He has been invited as Special Guest in more than 80 events around more than 30 different countries around the world by judging a huge number of cosplay competitions and by hosting entertaining panels, Q&A and conferences.

With an average of 4 events \ conventions per month, Leon is also an official collaborator for the biggest videogame companies which is making him one of the top cosplayers in the worldwide male cosplay community.

More Information:

Leon is also well known as former Italian national champion athlete and photomodel with a big passion for Videogames (Hardcore Gaming). His cosplays are handmade by himself, with the exception of some complicated sewing parts.  He specializes in armors, weapons, accessories and make-up.

During his physiotherapy and sport sciences’ studies, Leon trained hard to elevate himself to a national athlete level as he’s also a personal trainer with Calisthenics and Parkour skills. He is working hard everyday to stay in a perfect shape. All his cosplays are made with passion, heart and artistic skill.  His work has made him become famous his “fomento” attitude : being and living full of energy and dynamism. He is also currently working for different brands like Ubisoft (Cosplayer), Cool2U (Community Manager), Cosplay Mat and CosAll (Testimonial).

Leon has a lot of experience in Cosplay Contests in Europe, he loves putting his heart into the interpretations of his characters and he has won numerous cosplay competitions in the main cons in Italy (as ECG selections in Lucca Comics and prizes in Romics) and Europe (Best Cosplay Forge in Japan Expo 2013). In 2013 Leon started to travel around the world, having been invited, as special guest, to different cons in Italy and Europe (events such as Gamescom, Paris Comics Expo and GamesWeek) and he has judged very high level cosplay competitions.

His dream is to continue to travel and meet a lot of cosplayers around the world by spreading his ‘fomento’ attitude for a better and positive world.