Anime Milwaukee 2018 Welcomes La Parfait Maid Cafe!

Anime Milwaukee is excited to Welcome La Parfait Maid Cafe  to Anime Milwaukee 2018!   La Parfait is based in central Indiana, and this year we’re thrilled to announce that they will come to Milwaukee to provide Maid and Butler events Friday through Sunday at the show!   The Maid Cafe at con will be in the VUE, at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, from 11AM to 6PM each day!

Join us in giving them a huge #AMKE2018 welcome!

La Parfait is a traveling maid cafe modeled after those in Akihabara, Japan. At the cafe, you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, delicious sweets, games, and dance performances. Their adorable maids and butlers will tend to your every need. Here is a message from La Parfait’s maids and butlers:

“Hello, goshujinsama~! We are excited to bring the experience of La Parfait Maid Cafe to Anime Milwaukee 2018! We are thrilled to also bring our concert panel to you! The cafe will be opened for you on Friday Feb 16th 2017 at 11AM!  It is our promise to make your con 100% more magical!”