Welcome Cookies for Soldiers!

Cookies for Soldiers, Inc is an organization founded to honor those who have served our country. They collect donations to be able to purchase and ship Girl Scout cookies to men and women fighting in harm’s way.  They also like to honor our veterans, and offer them a better “welcome home” than they received the first time around.  They want them to know that they are appreciated and their sacrifice will not be forgotten!

Picture1Cookies for Soldiers Inc have honored our heroes by welcoming home Honor Flights in Fort Wayne, IN and North Chicago, IL.  They have handed out cookies, cards and hugs at Veteran’s Day programs, Howard County Veterans Reunion, VA hospitals and homes. They have shipped to Walter Reed and homeless veteran shelters.  They will continue to honor our Veterans and welcome them home the right way one box of cookies and one hug at a time! To date, Cookies for Soldiers have shipped out over 17,300 boxes of cookies to our active men and women serving our country.

We here at Anime Milwaukee have invited them to our event. Whether you want to make a donation or make a custom ‘Thank You’ card to send to our men and women over seas, Cookies for Soldiers Inc & Anime Milwaukee appreciates your support.