UW-Milwaukee and WiATJ

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The Wisconsin Association of Teachers of Japanese (WiATJ) is an organized comprised of various educators from many different schools and institutions that teach Japanese language in the state of Wisconsin, such as UW-Milwaukee and Franklin High School.  According to the WiATJ’s mission statement, the WiATJ’s goal is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of Japanese through networking among educators, through the assistance in the development of curriculum, through the development and support of statewide student-centered activities and programs, and through professional development activities.

The WiATJ will host several panels at Anime Milwaukee this year and WiATJ will also be selling Kimono and Kanji T-shirts for fundraising. Please support them and show them how welcoming the Anime Milwaukee community is!


WI-ATJ: Japanese Traditional Games Shogi, Go and more:  by UW Milwaukee and Carthage instructors and students ( 2 sessions)

Japanese Traditional Games Shogi and Go have been recently gaining popularity here in the US. Have you ever tried them? Come by if you want to learn about, talk about, or try your hand at playing Shogi and Go. Even if you missed this opportunity, you can always come to Wi-ATJ booth and play the games.

WI-ATJ Learn Basic Japanese: by UW Madison Japanese program

Learn Basic Japanese: Interested in learning Japanese language? Come to this panel to learn some basic greetings and expressions. Join in to read some manga pages together and learn about Japanese onomatopoeia!

WI-ATJ How to Draw Manga

Interested in practicing your manga drawing skills? Come join the WI-ATJ and learn a bit more about manga style!

WI-ATJ Calligraphy

Calligraphy, or shodō, is a visual art related to writing. If you’ve ever seen the anime Barakamon, then you’ll know exactly what it’s like! If you want to learn how to write your name in Katakana, come to this panel.

WI-ATJ Yokai Exploration:  by Prof. Daniel M. Becker, Carroll University

These aren’t the adorable little pocket monsters you’ve come to know and love for the past two decades — these terrifying creatures are the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. This exploration into historical Japan’s most dreaded and beloved folktale creatures, from the Bakeneko Disturbance to the spooky tale of Kuchisake-onna, will cast light on the darkest of creatures.

WI-ATJ Lecture On Rare Japanese Martial Arts:

Kyudo by Dr. Michael Wert, Marquette University, Kendo by Joel Inden, Milwaukee Kendo Club, Aikido by Greg Millikin, Kettle Moraine Aikido Club

Come watch and experience three Japanese martial arts that are very popular in Japan but that should deserve more attention here in the US. Three local practitioners and their friends will demonstrate and give a brief description of these rare martial arts