Silly Little Missy

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Silly Little Missy is the Adorkable Dream Girl, an award-winning, published cosplayer professional with over a decade of experience!

She decided just two years ago to pursue her life’s passion of professional cosplaying and glamour modeling, bursting into the scene with her wildly popular, and to this day, highly requested, accurate rendition of Ryuko Matoi from Studio Trigger’s Kill La Kill! Since then, her work has been featured in magazines and blogs like Fanpup, JapanRealm and more, as well as being shared across social media websites such as Tumblr and Reddit, becoming internationally recognized!

Combining her love for theatre magic and cosplay she has brought a new and fresh performance art with her to conventions that attendees can’t help but to be whimsied by–this she calls, The Magic of Cosplay!

Cosplay has allowed her to travel across the nation to over 25 different events to be a panelist, guest, cosplay judge, entertainer, and host at conventions such as Fan Expo, and Wizard World to name a few!

Missy has proven to be amazing to her ever-growing fanbase of thousands! Many of her fans have dubbed her the Comic Con Sweetheart because her infectious up-beat happiness and quirky charisma!