Bright Eyes Cosplay

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Bright Eyes Cosplay is a lifelong anime fan, gamer and all around geek girl who has been attending conventions and cosplaying annually since 2005, but it was Anime Milwaukee in 2012 that began her journey of attending multiple conventions throughout the year!

As a Milwaukee local, she is both inspired by and hopes to continue to contribute to her local cosplay community. Outside of conventions, she enjoys cosplaying for local photoshoots with friends and also utilizes her cosplaying in the capacity of volunteering.

Her favorite costumes span all genres, from video game heroines, pop culture references, super heroes, Disney princesses and Power Rangers.

Bright Eyes is currently dabbling in learning new techniques for cosplay, such as advances wig styling, armor making and leatherwork and hopes to apply that to future cosplays coming soon!

Check her out on Facebook at Bright Eyes Cosplay and on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @BrightEyesCos !