Volunteer Staff “Red Shirts”

Did you know that AMKE’s red shirted staff is made up completely of dedicated volunteers?  From conchair to badge checker and everything in between, we are a 100% volunteer organization.  Whether you have skills in a field or just want to see what goes on under the hood, we’re always looking for new people to join the team!  If you need volunteer hours for a school or group activity we can definitely find something fun for you to do and learn during the show!

Volunteer Staff Requirements:

  • You understand that this is a volunteer role, and not a paid position.
  • Must be at least 18 years old by February 2019
  • Must be able to volunteer for at least 24 hours throughout the convention
  • Must be able to attend All Mandatory Meetings and participate in all Mandatory conference calls
  • Must adhere to Anime Milwaukee Staff Code of Conduct at all times

What are the perks?

AMKE provides hotel crash space, weekend membership, meals and staff ‘Red Shirts’ for our volunteer staff who sign on to help us make the show great! We also provide customer service and department specific training, and team gatherings & meetings throughout the year.

We’re currently looking for more help in several areas including Registration, safety, autographs, panel and video programming.  Fill out the app at the button below if you’d like to give volunteering a try!

2019 Staff Application

Departments Seeking Staff

These departments are actively looking for staff for Anime Milwaukee 2019.


Departments that support attendee events going on during the weekend.
  • Main Programming: Stage Crew
  • Panel Programming: Staff
  • Childrens’ Programming
  • Video Game Programming
  • Video Programming
  • Table Top Programming

Main Programming - Stage Crew Lead

We’re looking for someone to lead Main Programming’s stage crew as Assistant Department Head (ADH).

Description: They must be a strong leader and can manage a team well. You will be in charge of backstage, using our team to corral talent and guests while keeping track of any equipment or props that might need to be onstage. You will keep the backstage clean and presentable. In the Main Programming Department Head’s absence, you will be in charge of the whole of main programming.

Skills/Prerequisites: Leading up to con, you will act aid in the planning of main programming. An understanding of Google Drive services is required. A technical background or interest in theater/events is preferred.

To apply: Email mainprogramming@animemilwaukee.org, cc: programming@animemilwaukee.org, chiefofstaff@animemilwaukee.org with “Main Programming - Stage Crew Lead” in the Subject with your resume attached & a short introduction OR fill in the staff form and put down Main Programming as the department, along with “Position: Stage Crew Lead” & your relevant experience in the extras section.

Guest Relations

The folks who take care of our guests of honor.
  • Guest Assistants: Staff (handlers, green room attendants, line control)
  • Guest Logistics (drivers)

Guest Logistics - Drivers

AMKE is in major need of Drivers for our outstanding Guest! What we are looking for is:
  • A: Someone who is hard working, & able to work Con-Week (week of Feb. 15-17, 2019)
  • B: Can reads maps, route sheets and follows written and verbal geographic directions to ensure safe & efficient vehicle operation and on-time arrival. Responds quickly to expected or unexpected changes. Knows Greater Milwaukee Area.
  • C: Able to attend meetings, answer emails & phone calls in a timely fashion and someone who possesses a strong work ethic and the ability to think on your feet and outside of the box.
  • D: Projects a positive, professional image of oneself and the Con, demonstraing effective communication skills and the ability to interact with the Guest in a respectful, friendly manner. Confidentiality is highly important.
  • YOU MUST 21 or older & have a valid Drivers License
To apply: Email your con resume and letter of interest to Lamonte Wilder at lamontew@animemilwaukee.org or fill out the volunteer form noting Guest Logistics in the specific department. We are looking to have these positions filled as soon as possible. We will be taking applications until 10/5, with interviews scheduled throughout. If you have any questions, you can email at lamontew@animemilwaukee.org. Thanks!

Guest Relations - Autographs

To apply: Fill in the Autographs staff form HERE


Press, Social Media, Customer Service desk, Marketing, Web and print media
  • Design & Production: Staff
  • Customer Service: Staff
  • Press
  • Public Relations: Staff


Behind the scenes folks who do everything from line control to coat check.
  • Coat Check: Staff
  • Medical Incident Response (MIR): First responders
  • Safety
  • IT: Staff
  • Volunteers
  • ConOps: Staff

MIR - First Responders

Description: We are looking for folks that have current WI License as an EMR, EMT-B, AEMT, Paramedic, or CC-Paramedic. (This is currently a non-paid volunteer position). To apply: In the general staff application, specify MIR as the department that you’d like to work for.


Departments that do registration, merch booth, and similar projects
  • Registration: Staff
  • Exhibit Hall: Staff
  • Merchandise: Staff

Business - Roadshow Coordinator

This is a department which mostly handles our traveling roadshow. All the shows this year are planned and set, so there won’t be much for planning, but planning begins after every Anime Milwaukee.

Description: The person in this position would be the one coordinating people to and from these roadshows as well as maintaining the stock in our roadshow kit. More details on this position can be emailed to interested parties.

To apply: Email business@animemilwaukee.org with subject: “Business - Roadshow Coordinator” with your resume and a short introduction.

Business - Exhibit Hall Department Head

Most planning for Exhibit Hall has been taken care of this year as it was pertinent to get it done quickly.

Description: The job this year would be assisting the current Assistant Department Heads (ADHs) run the Exhibit space as smoothly as we can and curve complaints to the right individuals. They would be working close with Facilities and Our Convention center team to make sure everything runs smoothly for the weekend. The position would be more of a shadow position this year and move to full DH duties for our 2020 year. More details on this position can be emailed to interested parties.

To apply: Email business@animemilwaukee.org with subject: “Business - Exhibit Hall DH” with your resume and a short introduction.

Business - Sponsoring Coordinator

Description: Will handle the coordination of locally sponsored events. Gathering local businesses to get deals for staff and attendees for our convention year. Also inviting vendors/businesses and shops to sponsor the convention. More details on this position can be emailed to interested parties.

To apply: Email business@animemilwaukee.org with subject: “Business - Exhibit Hall DH” with your resume and a short introduction.

Business - VIP Coordinator

This is a brand new position and will mainly affect our VIP attendees.

Description: The person in this position is responsible for communication between the convention and our VIP attendees only. They will pick out the merch bags we give out to VIP as well as handing them out at our VIP booth. They will work closely with the reg department and merchandise department to coordinate numbers and make sure they have the best convention experience. More details on this position can be emailed to interested parties.

To apply: Email business@animemilwaukee.org with subject: “Business - Exhibit Hall DH” with your resume and a short introduction.

Volunteer / Gopher

Ever want to be a part of the behind-the-scenes of Anime Milwaukee, but don’t have time to come to training or meetings? You can still help! At-con, go to Convention Operations on the first floor of the Hyatt to sign up as an at-con volunteer and we’ll find something fun for you to do to help out at the show!