Customer Service and Safety

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Customer Service

Have a question? Did you lose something or someone? This year we have customer service desks conveniently located in both the Hyatt and the Wisconsin Center. Customer Service is your connection to the convention. We are here to help guests get maximum enjoyment from their con. Any questions, comments or concerns can be brought to us all weekend.

If you are missing something, check the Lost and Found located at any Customer Service location. Did you find something on the floor? Did someone leave something behind? Please take it to any of our locations. Remember that going two minutes out of your way may save another person hours of searching later.

You’ll want to keep tabs on the Customer Service booths for any schedule changes as they are posted over the weekend.

Also make sure to stop by for food information, including discounts and coupons for local restaurants.

LOCATION: 3rd floor in Exhibit Hall in Wisconsin Center

Convention Safety Team

The Convention Safety Team exists to meet the safety, security and operational needs of Anime Milwaukee through the employment of qualified personnel and volunteers in order to prevent liability, property damage, illness and injury. We coordinate with the venue, local law enforcement, emergency medical services and the fire department to provide these services.

The Safety Team’s primary responsibilities are creating a welcoming and helpful environment for you, the attendees! We accomplish this through crowd control, line management, guidance, prop checks, and when necessary emergency services.

Positions are available for all skill levels and experience, but you are required to be at least 18 years old. Ideal candidates have experience in customer service and a calm demeanor.

Join our team of amazing volunteers!

SAFETY OFFICE LOCATION: 103B in Wisconsin Center