2 months 23 days until Anime Milwaukee 2018


This is the tenth year of Anime Milwaukee, and we are proud to be providing the Milwaukee area with entertainment geared towards the anime and gaming communities. Last year we had over 9,000 attendees join us. We are a three day event convention that operates at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Wisconsin Convention Center in Milwaukee.


The Entertainment and Culture Promotional Society (ECPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the Milwaukee area about cultures.  ECPS conducts multiple events throughout the year to promote cultural diversity, including its main event, Anime Milwaukee.  ECPS partners with other educational organizations in the greater Milwaukee area, including the Japanese Language Department of UW-Milwaukee the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago.

General Rules

At Anime Milwaukee, we like to keep our rules simple and easy to follow. That said, everyone deserves to have a good time, so please observe these rules while at the convention.

If you have any questions about the rules, or you’re worried that something you have planned will break a rule, send us an email at safety@animemilwaukee.org and we’ll make sure you get an answer!

Respect your fellow attendees. Everyone has the right to a safe and fun time at Anime Milwaukee. Don’t do anything that harasses, threatens, or harms other attendees. If you are being harassed, threatened, or harmed, please find a member of AMKE Safety. See our anti-harassment policy for more details.

Don’t break the law. Please don’t steal, start fights, drink if you’re underage (or give drinks to minors), or do anything else that’s illegal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or the United States. If you are under 17, you need to be a Hyatt guest or accompanied by an adult after 11 p.m. due to curfew laws.

Don’t drink or smoke in the convention space. The hotel bar is the only place in the convention space where drinking is allowed. Please use designated outside areas for smoking. Using e-cigarettes and vapes counts as smoking for the purposes of this rule.

Wear your badge at all times. Your badge must be visible. If a staff member asks to see your badge or photo ID, you must show it to them. Anime Milwaukee reserves the right to deny entrance to any part of convention space to anyone not wearing a valid convention badge.

Keep your kids with you. Attendees under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, even when in designated children’s programming areas. Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.

Follow the prop and costume rules. See below for more details.

Don’t fly drones indoors. Make sure you are following all applicable laws and regulations while flying drones outdoors. Don’t shoot pictures or footage of individual people without their permission — crowd shots only. Be aware of the safety of those around the drone while flying outdoors.

Follow hotel and convention center policies. Don’t sleep in public areas or play in public fountains. Don’t bring pets with you (though service animals and emotional support animals are allowed). If a hotel or convention center staff member asks you to do something, follow their directions.

Obey all directions given to you by Anime Milwaukee staff members. If you have a problem with something a staff member asks you to do, follow their directions first, then ask to see their supervisor.

Failure to follow these rules may result in consequences up to and including revocation of your membership and badge, removal from convention space, and involvement of local law enforcement. The head of Anime Milwaukee’s Safety Department has the final say as to the interpretation of these rules.

Prop and Costume Policy

We love to see all the costumes that our attendees come to the convention in! However, for safety’s sake, we have some rules about what kinds of props and costumes are appropriate at Anime Milwaukee. Please keep the following rules in mind when designing your costume or picking out what to wear at the con:

Decency and appropriateness: Attendee attire must cover all areas normally covered by a swimsuit, as well as nipples (regardless of gender). Hate speech (in any language) is not permitted on attire or props. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Costume safety: Costumes and props as normally carried or holstered must not be dangerous to anyone who bumps into them accidentally. Costumes and props that pose an indoor safety hazard, such as roller blades, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, or stilts, are also not allowed.

Prop size: Props may not be longer than you are tall. Any costumes worn in programming space (e.g., panel rooms) must not block the view of attendees seated behind you. If your costume has a long tail or train, you must hold it off the ground while you walk so others do not trip over it or step on it.

Blades: Swords, knives, and other bladed or pointed weapons made of metal are not allowed in convention space, even if their edges are blunt.

Projectiles: Projectile weapons such as bows, crossbows, foam dart guns, or airsoft weapons must be unloaded and disabled. Bows may be loosely strung. No bolts or arrows may be carried unless they are fake and not fireable.

Laser Pointers: Laser pointers and similar devices are not allowed in convention space.

Volume: Costumes and props that make noise must have volume controls and must be kept at an appropriate volume for the surroundings. If someone asks you to turn down or mute the volume of your prop, you must do so.

Explosive-like props: Props that look like explosives, such as grenades, bombs, TNT, and so on, are not allowed in convention space.

Gun-like props: Gun-like props, including replica firearms and airsoft weapons, are required to have non-removable orange tips which must be visible when the gun is carried or holstered. No ammunition may be carried at all.

Guns: Real firearms, even if disabled and unloaded, are strictly prohibited in all convention spaces, except when carried by uniformed law enforcement.

Any prop being used in an unsafe or threatening manner may be confiscated by AMKE Safety. Safety staff may ask you at any time to put a prop away or change out of a costume based on its acceptability. The head of Anime Milwaukee Safety has the final say as to the acceptability of any prop or costume.

AMKE Safety will be operating a prop check table from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (3 p.m. on Sunday) in the Hyatt outside of the Pere Marquette room. If you are unsure whether your prop fits the rules, please come see us! We’ll check your prop and tag it so you won’t get stopped later.

Please be advised that our policies are subject to change and should be reviewed closer to the convention to ensure your costume still falls within our rules.

Anti-harassment Policy

If someone’s behavior makes you feel unwelcome, unsafe, or uncomfortable, that is harassment.

Anime Milwaukee does not allow harassment of any kind, including but not limited to behaviors such as: stalking, offensive comments, hate speech, bathroom policing, inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact, recording or taking pictures without permission, and repeatedly disrupting conversations you have been asked to leave. The aforementioned comments or hate speech could be in relation to: age, race or ethnicity, color, citizenship or national origin, relationship status, sexual orientation, gender identity or presentation, appearance, clothing, body size, pregnancy, disability, or religion. This list is not an exhaustive list.

Keep your hands to yourself. Respect your fellow attendees. Keep an eye on what you say to people and how you act around them. Take notice of people’s preferences as displayed on color communication badges. Remember, cosplay is not consent: just because someone is in costume, it doesn’t give you permission to take a picture or touch their costume. Ask first, and if they tell you no, respect that.

If you feel harassed or see someone else being harassed, notify a staff member immediately. You are also within your rights to ask the harasser to stop on your own. Once notified, Anime Milwaukee staff will take any action necessary to stop the behavior, up to and including badge revocation and expulsion from convention premises. We will also take steps to help you feel safe again at your request, such as escorting you to a place you feel safe, contacting your friends or family for you, or contacting law enforcement.

This policy applies without exception to everyone at the convention, including attendees, panelists, vendors, guests, convention staff, and venue staff.


Customer Service

Have a question? Did you lose something or someone? This year we have customer service desks conveniently located in both the Hyatt and the Wisconsin Center. Customer Service is your connection to the convention. We are here to help guests get maximum enjoyment from their con. Any questions, comments or concerns can be brought to us all weekend.

If you are missing something, check the Lost and Found located at any Customer Service location. Did you find something on the floor? Did someone leave something behind? Please take it to any of our locations. Remember that going two minutes out of your way may save another person hours of searching later.

You’ll want to keep tabs on the Customer Service booths for any schedule changes as they are posted over the weekend.

Also make sure to stop by for food information, including discounts and coupons for local restaurants.


Convention Safety Team

The Convention Safety Team exists to meet the safety, security and operational needs of Anime Milwaukee through the employment of qualified personnel and volunteers in order to prevent liability, property damage, illness and injury. We coordinate with the venue, local law enforcement, emergency medical services and the fire department to provide these services.

The Convention Safety Team’s primary responsibilities are access control, crowd control, elevator policing, patrol and emergency response.

Positions are available for all skill levels and experience. The ideal candidates will be over the age of 21 and have experience or education related to security or emergency medical services. Other positions are available for those 18 and older with or without security or EMS experience.

All applicants require a clean criminal record in addition to good guest-relation skills and a calm demeanor.


Japanese Culture

Anime Milwaukee is committed to bringing attention not only to Japanese pop culture, such as anime and manga, but also to the finer points of Japan’s traditional culture, including artwork, cuisine, language, music and more. While anime and video games have certainly proven to be one of the richest cultural exchanges of our time, many people who enjoy these pop culture exports have gone on to study Japanese language, travel to Japan and discover the other wonders that the country has to offer. Anime Milwaukee wishes to bring this sense of wonder and discovery to our attendees with a variety of panel presentations, musical acts and more. If you represent a school, agency, organization, etc., that deals with Japanese culture and wish to bring content to Anime Milwaukee, please contact us at sponsoring@animemilwaukee.org for details.

So far, we have hosted panel presentations by professors from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Association of Teachers of Japanese and the University of Wisconsin–Parkside. We have also had booths, presentations and special events hosted by the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago, Tohoku Tomo, Milwaukee Hibiki Taiko Drumming Group, Ayumi Tanaka and more.



If you represent a business or agency that deals with Japanese animation, manga, video games or other such products, you might want to become a sponsor for Anime Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest anime convention! Our attendance rate continues to grow each year. Although we started with mere hundreds of attendees, we now boast over several thousand attendees. Hosted in the wonderful downtown Milwaukee area, we occupy the Hyatt Regency hotel and the Wisconsin Center convention center building, and we will continue to grow and bring our attendees the best convention experience possible. If you wish to advertise to our attendees and have your product reach people in the Milwaukee area, please contact us at sponsoring@animemilwaukee.org for more information. We have a variety of competitive and attractive sponsoring and advertising opportunities for any business.

You can see some of our current sponsors here.